My Enemy, Draco (IN EDITING)

My Enemy, Draco (IN EDITING)

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BACK IN EDITING!! (Please don't read this until the part at the beginning says it's done being edited to save yourself the second hand embarrassment)

As a kid Daniella Tarnson, a pureblood, never believed in love, especially with Draco Malfoy. Why would she? They were supposed to be sworn enemies. She never believed love from two different sides good and evil, yet she finds herself one day living in what she never believed in.

This story involves sensitive topics such as abuse, suicide, assault, depression, ptsd, alcoholism, and multiple character deaths so please if you get triggered by that find another story to read :)

Most of the the characters and places in this story belong to JK Rowling and all legal rights are hers. I do not own many of the characters or places being written about in this story this is only a fan fiction and is not a copy of her original story all copyright rights are JK Rowling's

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