MY DESTINY - Story of Love, Destiny & Faith

MY DESTINY - Story of Love, Destiny & Faith

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Category: Romance
The destiny of our lives teaches us all the good and all the bad that we require to learn, Practically life being the greatest teacher is always a good combination!

That's how Life of Tanaya changes... might be for her good and might be for the best! A happy go child who's always positive and inspires people around her, Happy in her own world and perfectionist in her own self!

let's see her story i mean her destiny!๐Ÿ’Œ

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This story is about Akshita who was very big devotee of krishna. And due to sudden happening she reaches to Dwapar yug in yug of Mahabharata. This story will show that how she met everybody in dwapar yug about whom she had read in books and..... Does She Meet Krishna There ?

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