My Dear Brothers|✓|

My Dear Brothers|✓|

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"You know, I always thought that this situation would play out differently." I said and their heads snapped up. Their jaws dropped and I gave them a small smile.

"Am I hallucinating?" Roman murmured as he stared at me.

"If you are hallucinating Isabella, then we have reached new levels of twin telepathy I did not know could be reached." Alex replied. I let out a small chuckle and unlocked the cuffs attached to their hands and they looked at me in disbelief.
Isabella has never fit in with others. She was never the most beautiful girl nor was she the most studious. She was, in a word, boring. Her life seemed plain and she made sure no one knew what was actually going on at home. She made sure that her life at home was hidden no matter how much it broke her.
What happens when her family is gone and she comes to know that she is not really who she thinks she is? What happens when she goes to live with her brothers who she did not even know existed?
(I'm sorry, I'm horrible at descriptions. Please give this story a chance. There might be mild cursing)

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