My Cold Husband✔ {JJK X Reader}

My Cold Husband✔ {JJK X Reader}

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Delusions of the Innocent | ✓

Amara Mahmoud is a 20-year-old, Muslim girl who is in her fourth year of undergraduate studies. She has a loving family and the most amazing best friends someone could ask for. She's quiet, but can stand her ground. She's trying to navigate her way through this western world, while trying to keep her love for her religion as alive as ever.Peter Bilal is in the same year as Amara but he is the complete opposite of her in almost every way. He's loud, outspoken, and an extrovert. He's the biggest flirt, aiming his charming ways at any female who's remotely close enough to hear him. Not only that, he's a non-believer, unlike Amara, who's love for her Creator is full in her heart. Amara isn't a perfect Muslim, she makes mistakes but always learns from them. Peter always makes mistakes but never seems to care much about it. Will they be able to cross paths without destruction? Or is that too much of a delusional thought for people who are polar opposites? P.S. I suck at descriptions, I suggest actually giving the story a shot for a better judgement 😂 Warning: this story is only FICTION and the characters are NOT perfect Muslims. They are NOT to be taken as role models of any sorts & do NOT take them as representing Islam. So y'all haram police need to relax & don't read if you're triggered lol.
My Heaven's Flower || 📔 (Names Under Editing)

when a rich spoiled bad boy Jeon Jung-hoon gets into an encounter with a Muslim girl and they become enemies so he bully her humiliates her and insults her in every possible way to make her lose her modesty and dignity, he bet on her that he will make her get on her knees for him like other girls he used to hangout with them but she remains firm on her Deen and it's teachings and keep her Tawakkul strong and it made him wonder and curious about her even more.The journey of Him " I don't believe in God " to " There is no God but Allah is the only one "she was the reason he found His right path and his Rab after losing her but His Rab will bless him with the most beautiful gift of his Life in an unexpected way.Achievements🏅🥇#1 Muslim stories 🏅#1 in viral stories🏅#1 in modest stories
 [کچە دڕندەکە] ✔ kurdish story

پێشەکی/کوڕێک دەکەوێتە قووڵایی دەریا دەچێتە شوێنێک کچێک دەناسێ چەندەها سەرکێشی و کێشەی بۆ درووست دەبێ بەڵام لە هەموو کێشەکان خۆشتر ئەویە کە بێ دوو دڵی ئاشقی کچەکە دەبێ کە نەفرینی لێ کراوە💔started:11/8/2020ended:16/8/2020namber part:5
Together - Mono x Six - Little Nightmares

Cover by Ylkong2Heavily inspired by other Monix stories!Will contain spoilers for Little Nightmares 2!A young boy who was framed for a crime he didn't commit has been abandoned by humanity and is forced to go into hiding, wearing a bag over his head to keep his true identity secret. Roaming the woods as an outcast, he despises but must learn to get used to the feeling of being alone. His life turns around when he saves a young girl and makes it his top priority to keep her safe from the dangerous monsters they encounter.The question is, has he put his trust in the right person?This is my first fanfiction, so it probably will not be very good. If you have any suggestions / criticism, leave it in the comment section below.
dragon Ball OCS

so this is my OCS so yeah they are not for the your book I just showing them so yeah now enjoy and I will show the rules
Giving in to Temptation (TVD fanfic)

Jenli Hartios is a werewolf. But she doesn't know it yet. However she is also a Vampire. She's an Original Hybrid. Yes there is 2 of them. Only thing different is she killed first. What happens to her? You'll have to read the whole story to find out.
That time I failed as an Author and got reincarnated in Tensura

Elite3532, an individual who can be considered as an icon among the Tensura fandom community failed in accomplishing his dream...As he regretted his choice in life, his eyes closed for the very last in this earth...waking up the next day in the cardinal world as a newborn baby.Follow the adventure and final work of elite3532 as he survive insinde Tensura.Ps: I still don't own Tensura

What if amato and his friends suddenly transferred into another universe where he met boboiboy!? And what would happen if he met boboiboy's best friend named y/n and accidentally fell in love with him but does he know that he's not the only one who's in love with him?

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in an alternate universe, in which the dregs are still a gang, but with a twist... and that twist is that, just like everyone in the world, they have tattoos on their arms that say the first thing their soulmate calls them (other than their name), which will make for some... interesting... encounters.ships included:helnik (nina x matthias)wesper (wylan x jesper)kanej (kaz x inej)🏆#1 out of 145 in "#wesper" as of 11/06/2021🏆#1 out of 162 in "#kanej" as of 12/05/2021

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Female Alpha Lucinda

After her pack was attacked by Rogues, Lucinda had to take over the pack as her parents died during. She is only 16. With the help of everyone in the pack and the closest around her, she leads White Rose pack for 7 years that continues to be the second largest pack in the country. Alpha King Zaliver is looking for his mate. Looking in each pack, he travels all over the world looking for her. At each pack he looks at the girls and also checks the packs records. Reaching White Rose pack, which is the last, he and the alpha discover the truths that change what they have been told and trust bonds may be broken. How will they both react?While all this goes on, there is female wolves dying all over the world. All Alphas know about this but who will be the one to stop it.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Any pictures that are in the story, I do not own them.

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eleven miles

"Begin at night, ideally at a time when the roads are not well-traveled.Drive to the woods. The woods must be a particular type of woods: The road you take to them must also pass through them.Drive. Enter the woods.Drive. Begin looking. Look carefully. Let your wish guide you. You will know the road when you see it.Drive. When you are certain you have located the road, turn down it."(source:

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[Chủ công - Hoàn] Quẻ tượng biểu hiện, ngươi ta có mệnh định nhân duyên

Tác giả: Bạch Đậu Phao ThốCv:ình trạng: Hoàn thànhVăn ánCô nhi nhan lạnh ở sư môn bình tĩnh sinh hoạt hai mươi năm, bỗng nhiên có một ngày bị sư phụ đuổi xuống núi, sư phụ còn nói, trừ phi mang theo tức phụ cùng nhau, nếu không không cần đã trở lại.Am hiểu bói toán đạo sĩ nhan lạnh tỏ vẻ, này có cái gì khó? Còn không phải là tính một quẻ chuyện này.......Tinh nhị đại Phương Lang lưng dựa vài toà núi lớn, diễn nghệ tài nguyên hảo đến bạo, bản thân lại là cái kỹ thuật diễn lạm đến tra phòng bán vé độc dược.Mỗ một ngày, tân điện ảnh lại bị xoát phụ Phương lang, lại nhận được đồn công an điện thoại, nói có cái tự xưng là hắn vị hôn phu người, chờ hắn tới đón.......Nhan lạnh: "Quẻ tượng biểu hiện, ngươi ta có mệnh định nhân duyên."Phương lang: "Ngươi hết hy vọng đi, ta chỉ thích da bạch mạo mĩ tiểu yêu tinh."Nhan lạnh lấy ra một con thành tinh tiểu bạch thử: "Ngươi thích như vậy tiểu yêu tinh?"Phương lang: "!!!"Đọc chỉ nam:1. Cổ xuyên kim, có giới giải trí, có đuổi quỷ hàng yêu tình tiết, nhẹ nhàng hướng không khủng bố. Nhưng văn trung chuyên nghiệp tri thức, tất cả đều là tác giả nói bừa, không thể khảo chứng!2. Khí tràng cường đại đạo sĩ công X cao nhan giá trị tra kỹ thuật diễn thụ, diễn tra người không tra ~1V1, HE;3. Hư cấu, không chiếu rọi hiện thực, nam tính hôn nhân hợp pháp;

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iOS app development services

In the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile technology, iOS app development services have become synonymous with delivering unparalleled user experiences, innovative functionalities, and robust performance. As businesses strive to establish a strong digital presence, the choice of iOS as a platform offers a multitude of advantages. In this article, we will explore the significance of iOS app development services, the key benefits they bring to businesses, and why investing in a top-notch iOS app can be a game-changer.

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all about joyceplanet

chào mừng đến với hành tinh của joyce ~

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Waltz under the Moonlight.

They say late at night under the streetlights a pair dances an elegant waltz, but neither one knows who the other is due to a mask. One is an outgoing optimist who enjoys the stars and the other is a shy introvert who's only comfort is their flowers. One harbours a crush on the other but doesn't realize they pass them everyday.Their names? Why, that's simple, they go under Gekkō Suisei and Fushigina Hana when performing, while in the day, they do by Niko and Flower, Niko le Cometa and Florian Anohana.Characters on the cover are Fushigina Hana (Left) and Gekkō Suisei (Right)

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Dop is faced with a situation: deny that magic exists, his preferential choice, or join some wizards who might just be crazy people but could also be the saviors of the planet of Domum.

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Max Goof x Reader

You and Max go way back,but when you become a famous skater and leave max,he forgets you,what happens when you go to the same collage and his friends recognize you,but he doesn't?

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Faith in Five

The first book in "The Series of The Five"Five Teens...Two Worlds...One Mission..."Five young will arise from the Sands. In these, place your faith. For they shall save our world and the worlds beyond..."Prophecy is a sacred thing that dates back to well before our time. Yet, not only does it exist in our world, but also in every other world. Each world's prophecy is unique and stands alone, separated and unaffected by that of another world's prophecy; until now...Follow the journey of five high school students as they fight the forces of evil in one world while sitting through class in the other. Embrace their hardships as they come to follow their destiny and learn how they must fulfill the foretelling prophecies that connect their worlds. Will it bring peace to the worlds? Or will it send them spinning into the depths of oblivion? ***This is a work in progress. Check back daily for updates. I am open to criticism and any comments you might have about my book so far, so feel free to leave a comment. I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I enjoy writing it.

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