My Boyfriends Brother

My Boyfriends Brother

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Category: Teen Fiction
Alexandra Lee has been dating Daniel Woods for four years. Her senior year she expects things to be the same and for everything to go smoothly.

Thats until her boyfriends brother Jacob Woods comes back in town with secrets that Alexandra is curious to know about and a boyish smile that Alexandra can't get out of her head.


"Yeah okay, You're different." He leans back on the counter.

"How so?" I come closer to him , as if I was challenging him, keeping my guard up.

Our close proximity allows him to pull my wrist abruptly and put his mouth to my ear.

"Youre stronger." He whispers in one ear.

"Daring," he says in the other.

He then by surprise puts his hand on my waist causing my breath to be caught, this is wrong. He circles his thumb on my waist, slow circles.

"And my little brothers girlfriend."

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