My Best Mistake ✔︎

My Best Mistake ✔︎

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Category: Romance
Ashley Kingston, the girl who has always been in love with her best friend Tyler, the schools player boy who has almost half of the girls on their knees for him.

What happens when Ashley fakes date bad boy Aaron Sinclair, Tylers best friend, to
make him jealous?

Will it work.. or will things go South like they always do in Ashley's life?

Highest ranks.

#5 in teenfiction
#4 in teen romance
#182 in romance
#15 in badboy
#43 in highschool
#3 in fake dating
#3 in jealousy

- these ranks may not be too high but I'm still always grateful ♡ -


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THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. MTL WITH SLIGHT EDITS, NOT A TRANSLATION. There will be some grammar issues, if you spot them, comment and I will fix it asap. ALSO I CAN'T GUARANTEE 100% ACCURACY. Actual translated title; The Villain of Kuaiwen and the Little Milk Fox are Overly PamperedAlt Title: 快穿之反派与小奶狐过分宠爱Author: sube弦Rumor has it that in order to attack the demon world, the heavens attacked the demon king and dropped his soul into the three thousand worlds. He had to die a good death in every life, just to kill the demon king's will to survive.Bai Chuansu is a rare kitten fox who received the blood of Mozun* many years ago. In order to repay his kindness, Bai Chuansu joined the Three Thousand Worlds.In the first life, Mozun was a poor villain who picked up trash.Bai Chuansu followed closely step by step, yelling at the gangsters who were bullying the demon lord's reincarnation, "Don't come here~"He saw Lord Mozun standing up with a gloomy face and punching every little scumbag. Then he picked up the kitten fox, plunged it into the fox's soft belly and took a deep breath.In his second life, Mozun was a vagabond villain who was ostracized by others.Bai Chuansu bared his teeth at the rubbish trying to accuse Mozun, "Did you see the fist as big as a casserole?"Mozun killed a little novice with one knife. Then he picked up the little kitten and took a big sip.In another world, Bai Chuansu found the reincarnation of Mozun again, and jumped repeatedly in front of Mozun, "Will you stroke my hair?"Mozun (grabs, takes a deep breath): I finally found the joy of life.This article is also known as #bald, I want to save you from blackening#1V1, double clean, sweet textDedicated to repaying kindness, being soft and cute & being violent and violent, turning into a loyal dog and attacking.*Mozun means Demon Lord/King
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𝐁𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞~♡

शुभारंभ प्यार का~♡
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Ming Xia traveled back from the interstellar era. Her head is full of advanced theories and black technology, but she only wants to learn the ancient culture that has been lost in the interstellar world. As a result, accidentally, it attracted a bunch of fanatical attention. National Goddess? Academician of the National Academy of Sciences? National key protected figures? Ming Xia who is obsessed with studying ancient culture: ... What's the situation? Seeing that Ming Xia was not pleasing to the eye, he tried to find fault and make trouble, but was suddenly targeted by the country, and was called a dog by netizens.

Aquamarine (Aqua) is a 4 year old who since she was 2 has been abused by her father because her mother died during child labor. Because of all the abuse she is deaf in her left ear. Apollo Blaze the leader of the Greek mafia the most powerful and feared mafia in the world. He has 6 sons and a beautiful wife. The family has always wanted a daughter but lost all hope when his wife had a miscarriage with what would have been their first girl. What happens when he stumbles upon Aqua? Will he take her home? Will his family accept her as theirs? Read to find out.

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jisoo- you told me you will love me forever,but suddenly you hurt me!!!!jin- yeah it's true i love you but... chorong- you can't know i'm a girltaehyung- when i'm with you my heart beating fast but you're a boy. What does it mean???rosé- i told you i like you and you reget me but you still act like you like me chanyeol- i don't know my feelings hayoung- you never looked me like a womenjungkook-i don't deserve youplease support my story this is my first story i hope you like it 😂😂😂

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The flames rise and devour in their crackling manner within the confines of their cast iron cell. They set the precedence for everything which happens around them, slowly trickling through the surrounding gardens and creamy gravel pathways. The blinking glow of the embers kissed by the wind sends small particles of snowflake ash twirling into the air, only for them to fall upon the cotton clothed shoulders of the friends. Quietly one of them sings their lament to the ongoing cause they fight for.Their home.Bathed within the scorched marks before them, it's wrecked remains continue to smoulder, warming their legs through their cotton breeches. oddly , the woodsmoke smells distinctly of lemons and honey, a bittersweet reminder of what they had lost. Eyes are excused for tears, blame falling entirely on the lemon honey smoke. Blame never being given to the newly undead and the always imprisoned who are the true fathers of scorched earth and homes.--- A medieval/fantasy au of the DreamSMP with a larger look at L'Manburg (obviously not cannon), and yes Philza, Ranboo and Techno will be in it from the beginning so SBI and Benchtrio content inbound. Warning: Violence, blood, death, war, manipulation ect

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