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Hello this is my avian journal, this is not a roleplay or any fake stuff, this is a real avain journal. I will be telling you all my progress and we will see how much i grow!

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- Last updated at 00:01 20-10-2023

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The Rebirth of the Last Days and Return to [Fang] Hao

NOT MINEBefore rebirth, He Zizhong was unfortunate. This loyal dog was loyal to the wrong target. In the difficult end times, he was betrayed by his relatives, deceived by his lover to show his space, and was sadly chased by the enemy.It wasn't until before he died that he learned that Fang Hao, who accompanied him all the way, turned out to be the junior brother who confessed to him in high school. It's a pity that he died too, in his arms.In He Zizhong's past life, Fang Hao felt that he was lucky, after six or seven years, in the desperate apocalypse, he found the senior who was his first love again, and he could accompany him for half a year.More importantly, at the end of life, you can still die in the arms of someone you like. Is there anything happier in the world?After rebirth, He Zizhong reused facts to prove that of course there is something happier in this world than death at the same point.With a space and a lover who he has vowed to protect in this life, hitting zombies, upgrading and creating a better life together, this is He Zizhong's life goal after rebirth. What do you do when you encounter a lover who has cheated on your feelings in your previous life, a selfishly wants to deceive your own space cousin, or issues a killing order to chase down your love rival?Since they can't get around, step on them in the mud with one foot!
Goddess of Victory: Nikke react to SCP Foundation

This is another universe, where the Nikkes will be reacting to the SCPs cause quite literally.
Being Human

When a Young Adult has to suddenly move across the country with his dad he ends up in the town of Beach City. Will his life be a mundane existence or will there be something in this town that turns his whole world upside down?
- MHA Beyond Hope -

In the prestigious UA Academia, a special student named Y/N embarks on a remarkable journey to become a hero. What sets Y/N apart from his peers is his possession of not one but five equally powerful quirks. However, years of intensive training have left Y/N emotionally detached, unable to experience any feelings... - PS - This is my fifth story/fanfic, so I would appreciate it if I am given criticism as well as ways to improve my writing. Also, don't be shy to give me ideas that you might think will be nice to add, whether it be a character or a new hero.[Disclaimer: I don't own MHA, That belongs to the remarkable guys who made the manga][1# - ochaco][1# - opmaincharacter][1# - oneforall]
In diapers for my enemy

Gaby is a cute girl, her mother is going on a business trip and Gaby will be staying with a nanny that will be a big surprise for Gaby.
Override  [Male Yandere X Reader]  (UNDER RECONSTRUCTION)

Humans are just so...D̶̦̳̩̩̎̈̐̄͒́͠e̸̢̻̳̥͛͂͑̚l̷̢̧̼̟̜̹̣̻͚͗͆̄̎̋̿į̵̧͈͈͕̦̭̦̔̏͜ͅc̷̛͎͕͙͕̺̰̘͕͑̈́̅̔̉͒̈́̏ä̷̭́̃̾͘͜t̵̗̪͉̘̗͛̇̉̔ē̷̬̞͓̺̳̑̂̈́̽̾͝͝You're in the year 69420 drones deliver your food and computers drive for you. But, this new technology can't cure loneliness, can it? Think again you lonely bitches, because B.Y.T.E. Inc. just invented a new android designed especially for that purpose! To provide companionship. Being the lonely motherfucker that you are, you just HAD to get one. However, let's just say, that in the was a HUGE mistake (I'm rewriting most of this book cuz its trash)[Also, the reader is gender neutral, meaning this book is meant for any gender to read :) ]And I am NOT writing lemons! Oh my god, guysnone of these pictures are mine.P.S, rated 69th in "Yandere" (Aug. 2019)Nice 👌
Debut or Die (CH 220+)

[FIXED/FAN TRANSLATION]A student who was preparing for the Civil Service examination for 4th year suddenly found himself in an unfamiliar body 3 years ago.As well as a status window displaying a threat in front of his eyes![Outbreak!] [Status Abnormality: 'Debut or Death' Occurs!] A diary about the transformation of the main character, who was suddenly challenged to be an idol even though he has never been in the industry before due to the sudden threat of death.※Speciality: He used to take and sell idols' data.This work is ONLY a fan translation and not an official translation of Baek Deoksu's web novel, Debut or Die/데뷔 못 하면 죽는 병 걸림.
Daisy in a Meadow

Daisy Johnson has never had it easy.Whether it be at home where her mother hardly notices her, or at school where her peers bully her, Daisy can't quite seem to catch a break.She is certain that her last year of high school will be the same as every other year. Little does she know, a certain bad boy and his friends are about to change her life--for better or for worse.

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Strip my soul (Jack Gilinsky)

"I would fuck you senselessly but...."

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Nothing Dark Can Stay, Either

Beatrix La Salle, the Original Heretic, was not expecting to be trapped in a prison world with a siphon sociopath, but after three hundred years of Mikaelson family drama, what was she anticipating instead? .Love interest(s): Kai Parker, Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson .with Cenit Nadir as Beatrix La Salle.TVD S6 / TO S2 and onward, with flashbacks based on history shown in The Originals..All credit for original characters and original plot goes to Julie Plec for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals television series. I own only my OCs and select scenes not from the show. Thank you Julie, for creating the series. Thank you all, for reading.Written from: Nov 18, 2020 - Jan 30, 2021Highest Ratings :#1 klausmikaelsonxoc#1 klausmikaelsonfanfic#1 kaiparkerxoc#1 elijahmikaelsonxoc#2 elijahmikaelson#2 kaiparkerfanfic#2 elijahmikaelsonfanfic#2 heretic#3 tvdfanfic#10 marcelgerard

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A student who was preparing the Civil Service examination for 4th year, suddenly he found himself in an unfamiliar body 3 years ago.As well as a status window displaying a threat in front of his eyes![Outbreak!] [Status Abnormality: 'Debut or Death' Occurs!] A diary about the transformation of the main character, who was suddenly challenged to be an idol even though he has never been in the industry before due to sudden threat of death.※Speciality: He used to take and sell idol's data.(For offline reading purposes)

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Varian's Tangled Trials

It's happily ever after, after all, but in this 'tangled' world more mysteries wait to be uncovered. When Varian finds out about his mother's scientific work and her quest to find the Eternal Library, he knows he must pick up where she left off and maybe find his own destiny along the way. Inspired by Kaitlyn Ritter and Anna Lencioni's Varian and the Seven Kingdoms.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMPLETE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~New cover designed by TheAritistsMuse, Insta:

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Anime x Reader

One shot's and story's with different character's, x Reader. You can request on who you would like to be paired with. Read first chapter with the instructions. I hope you will enjoy this book :3 I don't own any of the anime's or the character's, :3 Maybe the anime is not #, then you should look in the instructions to find out. Death note, Kamigami no asobi, Angelbeats, Earl and fairy, Uta no Prince sama, Diabolik lovers, 07-ghost, Angelique abyss, Angelique, Brothers conflict, Amnesia, Fruitsbasket, 11eyes, Akatsuki no yona, Tokyo ghoul, Naruto, , Ouran Koukou Host Club, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Hachiyou Shou, Hiiro no kakera, Hanasakeru Seishounen, Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo, Free!, Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie, Dance in the vampire bund, Black Butler. There are more anime's in the instruction!

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Not the end,just the beginning.{Completed}

This is the second book of "Edward Cullen... Soulmate" If you have not read the first one don't read the second one cause there are spoilers.This is the summary of the first book : Edward Cullen... Soulmate.Melody Destiny has been away from her best friend Bella for days... and for her it was too hard.She has decide to left everything to be near her,there at Forks she will discovered unnatural things and a gorgeous guy Edward Cullen crush of Bella.She will participate in the romantic adventures of Bella and Edward and slowly will realised that she is falling for him too.Secrets will be revealed and everything will changed.Will she make something like that to Bella?Will Edward loves her too?What will happen between Melody and Edward?Will love be stronger?What will happen when they will know about the true soulmateIf you have read the first one then enjoy! :) The second book 'Not the end,just the beginning'❤

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Rimuru's Suffer [Season 1]

Yuuki plays a dirty trick to Rimuru in the Tenma War .. well which war has honor ? Soon Rimuru's Manas Ciel realises that she needs to sacrefize herself for her Master's wishes. (OP Rimuru)

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Set in the Kingdom of Denmark, "Hamlet" dramatizes the revenge Prince Hamlet exacts on his uncle Claudius for murdering King Hamlet, Claudius's brother and Prince Hamlet's father, and then succeeding to the throne and taking as his wife Gertrude, the old king's widow and Prince Hamlet's mother.Cover by @vkbloodgood

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Prime Defenders One-Shots

One shots of the Prime Defenders

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