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The Last Dance

Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady' if she can help it, is not looking forward to coming of age and attending the High Ball which she thinks is nothing more than a market for single girls. The two have hated each other since childhood, but when the stress gets to John and he does something drastic, Celia's the only one who can help.
දෙහදක අසම්මතේ...!!!💮[]💮🍁

පමාවුණු වසත් සිහිනයක් අභියස...සීතල නිම්නයක් ලද උණුසුම් හදවතක්..සරත් අඳුරෙන් රහසේ ආ වසන්තය ඔබ.. 🍃🫧දෙහදක අසම්මතේ...!!!💮🍁(Started On:- 2023/09/01)
I Choose You | ✓

❝ I should've listened to my heart. No matter how hard I've tried to push you away, everything leads back to you. My thoughts, the way my heart flutters rapidly and the emotions I feel when you're around. Everything. What I'm trying to say is...I choose you. ❞ *****Sophie Wilkins is the shy, nerdy girl that no one really notices in the back of the class. She only talks to one person at Oakleaf High, her best and only friend, Bree Laurel. On one of the last nights of summer break, Sophie is forced to go to a high school party by Bree. She thinks this is just another one of many awful high school parties that's hosted by one of the football jocks at her school, but this party doesn't turn out to be "another typical high school party." While at the party, she catches the eyes of Andrew Dalton, the high school quarterback and most notorious player. Andrew, who's never lost, is dared to make Sophie fall in love with him, but there's one problem. Sophie has promised herself that she will never date any of the guys at Oakleaf High because they all have arrogant personalities that she just can't handle. Although she's successfully managed to keep a low profile her entire high school life, she suddenly starts to find herself constantly being brought into situations with Andrew. Will Sophie be able to keep the promise she made to herself? Or will she fall for the player's charms? Will Andrew be able to win the heart of Sophie Wilkins without giving Sophie his? What will happen when Sophie learns it all started with a dare?Started 6/4/18Completed 9/28/18#72 in coming of age#9 in undiscoveredgems#2 in dare #4 in teen
The Stadium's Star [COMPLETE]

SEQUEL to THE COACH'S DAUGHTER. Complete.One fateful night changed it all.Since being thrown in each other's worlds, Amelia and Zack have jumped over hurdle after hurdle to maintain their relationship. After years of separation, the star student and the football star are officially reunited in college. But with a new school comes new challenges and higher stakes. Amelia struggles to juggle new friends, the entrance of Zack's snarky cousin, and her controlling family while trying to find her own identity. Meanwhile, Zack's life seems to be moving so fast, she wonders if she'll be able to keep up.Amelia knows that drama is always around the corner. Their relationship overcame the barriers once. Will they be able to do it again?Content warning: Mature language and sexual references are present throughout.Book Two of The Coach's Daughter trilogy. Book Three coming in early fall (hopefully!)
Aristocrat | ✓

Being sent off to serve the Viscount of Barcombe for two years to pay a debt would have been devastating for most, but not for Manfred. Manfred had built an attachment to Lord Evenus years before his servitude to him by watching him from a distance. Getting to be by his side day in and day out felt like he had won a prize. Lord Evenus is obliviously kind, charming, smart and as Manfred learned over time; a man of many secrets. The two become close over the course of many months, but Manfred remains curious about the Lord and his past. One question refused to stop plaguing him:"What's in the west wing?"------Cover by @The_Pretence[NaNoWriMo Winner, 2019.]

Started December 27th 2018Finished January 19th 2019

Go cry abt this being nsfw. they are objects, and most of them are of age; therefore you have NOTHING to whine about.(Help by most of age i meant most object shows only have adults)
My Amazing Digital Circus OC's

I wanted to have a place to show my Oc, I know there will be like two people who see this.

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My Last Chance [Made in Abyss Fanfiction]

"The Abyss is a wondrous place, filled with as many blessings as it is curses. But a thin line separates this, and that is the dawn." Ever since Len Keiri first heard about the Abyss, he has devoted his life to it. He's offered his mind, body, and is now willing to offer his spirit to it. After all, what is more one sacrifice when the Abyss has already taken all he's offered and more? However, one obstacle stands in the way of his final offering: the Fifth Layer and Idofront, an ancient ritual site guarded by a legendary Delver, the White Whistle known as Bondrewd. Bondrewd the Novel, the Sovereign of Dawn. He's known for his powerful Relics and advanced technology, but most of all his secrets. When Len uncovers one of these secrets, Bondrewd is not as willing to let him make his Last Dive. But little does Len know that this misfortune is a blessing in disguise. "Something as wonderful as you shouldn't go to waste, Lord of Knowledge..." ~Updated once a month~[Knowledge of My Last Dive is needed to enjoy this story]•Prologue and epilogue banner credits go to @PlatLia, and arc part banner credits go to @Juni_Penguin_•I don't own the images and music tracks used for this story's chapters with the exception of my character drawings

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Rabbit Arthur's Adventure Durring Mating Season

Arthur is just a rabbit who doesn't want to go through the mess of mating season, but a few predators have other plans for him.|this is purely smut with 4 different ships in the chapters, don't like smut then don't read it if you do like it then please enjoy|

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Closet || Ckonny_Nickole » vonlane

NaruSasu"Tic. Toc. The clock on the outside was always so noisy... like you."For someone who lives locked in his closet, it's something new and somewhat annoying.Or perhaps, the total opposite.-☀-A Naruto fanfiction: NaruSasuI have permission from the author to translate and post this.Original Story by @Ckonny_Nickole || find it at:, on's account:, on

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Bounded || (Albedo x Reader)

Former No. 2 of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. Cold, ruthless. But most of all, she just needed a few people to warm up to.Contains profanity, so be aware.(Female She/Her pronouns)Cover: kuroos_possession(Me)Art: @nijyou1123 on Twitter{All rights reserved to MIHOYO. Genshin Impact characters. I do not own Albedo, or any other character.}

777.6K 48 31.5K Full
Zoro male reader x Erza Scarlet

You are a famous bounty hunter although not by choice as you only hunted bounties to buy food and sword repairs and you hear of a wizard from Fairy tail who is great with swords.

86.5K 54 1K
AFTER DARK | naruto

After dark - that's when all those bad thoughts you try to bury away come back to surface. And with no one around to help, you find yourself falling into them. Well, you were never alone. You'd always have something there for you. naruto!various x reader

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To Escape a Possessive Mate

Nora hates it when werewolves and vampires make themselves known to the world. All she dreams about is escaping to a human community, when she gets chosen to be the mate of werewolf Vincent. Upon learning of her desires to run away, Vincent does everything to keep Nora by his side.

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Minty Cheeto's Experiments

just things i wanted to test out

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What A Fun Life (Discontinued)

Izuku was in a tragic incident that turned him into a vigilante hating hero's and villains. He met Stain who was like a dad to him and turned him into what he is today. I don't know the ship yet but it will probably be shindeku but then again I am not sure.This is a rewrite of my other story because I hated it. ⚠ !!WARNING!!⚠BLOODYAOI/YURIMENTION OF SELF HARMDEPRESSIONBULLYING SUICIDE ATTEMPTS/SUICIDAL THOUGHTS IF UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THIS DON'T READ!!

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Forbidden love

Carina is the new paramedic at Station 19. Maya is Captain at Station 19 and immediatly layed an eye on her. She can't date with the people she works with though, that's one of the conditions you have to respect before becoming Captain. Does Maya ignore her feeling or does she put her job as Captain at risk?

62 1 7