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Edited by @kokobycole


"Wait, Collins do you know this girl?"

"Uhhh yeah I do. You know her?" Collins asks back.

"She's the mannerless girl I told you about that couldn't even apologize after breaking my IPad" he eyes me scornfully. I give him the glare of the century.

"No man, she's not like that. She couldn't apologize coz she's MUTE!".

Avalon Williams is a beautiful mute 21 year old. She has people who understand her quiteness. She get to meet an arrogant rich handsome guy that insulted her not knowing she was mute..


Inspired by 'Ovy's voice'.

Cover made by @kokobycole


Check out my other story, His Obsession, leave ur comments I'll reply everyone๐Ÿ’•

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