(MTL)Showing affection with the villain in the abuse [Rebirth

(MTL)Showing affection with the villain in the abuse [Rebirth

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Category: Romance

Author: Grapefruit 99
Category: Rebirth through time
Release time: 2022-06-12
Latest: Chapter 42


  Yunjing accidentally fell from a building while arguing with her boyfriend and died. Only after he died did he realize that he was actually a stupid and poisonous cannon fodder in a dog-blood abuse article, a tool used by the male protagonist to abuse the female protagonist. The male protagonist chases her and treats her well in the early stage, but because she looks a bit like the female protagonist. And the big villain in the book who had a baby kiss with her, became crazy and violent after her death. Yun Jing always thought that her ex-fiancé was indifferent and ruthless, but he didn't expect that he actually loved her miserably. Yun Jing got a chance to be reborn, just back to the time when he ended the marriage contract with the villain. The villain is as cold as always: "Okay." Still a step too late, Yun Jing is annoyed: "I..." The villain has a few more words: "What else is there to ask for?" Yun Jing's eyes lit up: "The demand is , I want a bigger wedding." Cen Jinglan:? ! The world knows that Cen Jinglan is rich and powerful, but he is ruthless and not close to women. As for his fiancée, Yun Jing, he is just a tool person set up by him and will be abandoned sooner or later. However, when the male and female protagonists of the original book broke up, Cen Jinglan and Yun Jing were holding a sensational wedding; when the male protagonist of the original book accidentally hurt the female protagonist of the original book because of jealousy, Cen Jinglan was conscientiously helping Yun who was shopping The mirror pays the bill with the bag; when the original book heroine disappears and the original book male lead is overwhelmed, Cen Jinglan and Yun Jing are on their nth honeymoon... The original book hero and heroine who are waiting to receive Cen Jinglan's assets: they agreed to die early and go b

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