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A story where a girl would do anything to get rid of her studies including getting married with a Mafia king but fate played opposite of it even after getting married she had to continue her studies....

Y/n: but u said I don't have to study anymore

Y/d: well that was lie

Y/n: WHAT... u lied to me

Y/d: yes and I know now that u are with JUNGKOOK u will do a lot better in ur studies

Y/n: sometimes it feels like that after he was born instead of honey they feed him coffee that is why he's so cold and rude always talking bitterly

JK: oh so I always talk bitterly huh....

Y/n: d-daddy...

JK: princess didn't u knew that back bitching is a bad thing and u shouldn't do that

Y/n: I a-am sorry.....


⚠ the female lead in this story is childish and immature so if u don't like this type of stories than stay out. ⚠

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esta historia trata de mi pasado

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He's fight hard for her attention, fight hard for her trust. Now he's fighting hard to show she's never going to be yours.

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