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Radhika runs somewhere and hides behind the pillar. Her eyes searching for someone and she couldn't find anyone. She gets relaxed and leans on the pillar by her back; she gets jerked sensing a sensual touch on her waist. Her breathe gets uneven and the beat of her heart makes her chest heaving up and down rapidly.

She opens her mouth to shout but instantly it gets shut by a strong kiss on her lips. Her eyes popping out feeling the seduction in the kiss, the sensual feeling gets traced down to her body and makes it yearning for more and the feminine in her gets aroused by the seductive touch on her body. She gives a loud moan in both pain and pleasure when she feels the bite in the crook of her neck, the squeeze in her waist makes her moan mildly cause of that her body gets crushed more and more. Her lips gets captured again, the bite in her lower lip makes her to open her eyes with a jerk.

The moment she opens her eyes, she finds him in front of her with a seductive smile playing on his face, giving her a victorious smile towards her and whispers, "I warned you about the consequences. Now you have to pay for it"


Get ready to meet the Journey of Love and Hate between Arjun Mehra and Radhika Mishra and how they finally become Mr. & Mrs. Mehra

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You are going to be mine soon. Can't express my excitement and happiness to have you in my arms. It's my dream to make you mine and i decided it, the moment i see you.Yes, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT but at the age of 10. Yes, i was 10 years old when i see you first and you were just 5, you were looking so cute exactly like a doll. MY DOLL.You were holding your Teddy in your arms tightly and looked at me with a small smile. That was the first explosive burst in my heart.You took away my heart with you the moment you touched my hand with your small fingers.From that day, i started admiring your activities and soon became your SECRET ADMIRER.Now, you are going to marry your SECRET ADMIRER but you never know that i am the one whom you are searching for.I love to play this hide and seek game with my doll. Quite interesting to play this with you.I am very excited for this game, hope you too.Love you MY DOLL :)*****Arjun Mehra, who fell in love with Radhika Mishra when he first met her, he was at age of 10 and she was 5. He realized it was his love at first sight when he grown up but at that age he just liked her when he saw her for the first time when her family was shifting as his neighbor. As the time grew, his like and attraction on her also grew up along with him as love. At times he showed his obsession also in the name of love. Soon he turned as her secret admirer and watch her every activities being an admirer but made sure that this was all not known by Radhika. Radhika is aware that she has some one as her admirer but she never knew that it was Arjun but mistaken as her college mate and fell in love with him thinking that he is her admirer.Will see how Radhika realise his love and find out who is her real admirer.

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