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Love After Divorce

Melanie Thompson honestly thought she would be happily married to David until they were old and gray. Now she finds herself raising two children while dealing with her husband's infidelity and the changes his decisions are throwing her way. No longer is life beautiful, it is now a messy chaotic disaster filled with heartbreak and sadness. Everyday Melanie tries to keep smiling for her children, but it seems like heartbreak is all she knows anymore. Melanie honestly doesn't think anyone would ever want to join her in her life post divorce let alone choose to love her and the kids. All of that changes the day she meets Dr. Chris Waters. Will her chaos and mess become beautiful? Read to see.**Cover photo from a Google search. I do not own the image. All copy work rights belong to the original owner. **
๐‘ด๐’€ ๐‘ญ๐‘ถ๐‘น๐‘ฌ๐‘ฝ๐‘ฌ๐‘น | paige bueckers

โ if I knew that i'd end up with you then I would've been pretended we were together. โž She stares at me, all the air in my lungs stuck in my throat. I'm making sure i'm not wasting one second of the life I have . . . / ๐‘ท๐‘จ๐‘ฐ๐‘ฎ๐‘ฌ ๐‘ฉ๐‘ผ๐‘ฌ๐‘ช๐‘ฒ๐‘ฌ๐‘น๐‘บ © skullhoe

Kara is a 16-year-old businesswoman, assassin, Street Fighter and racer not to mention the donna of the French Mafia. Her name is enough to make anyone shiver, she is known to be a heartless person but what made a 16-year-old so ruthless???? What happens when she discovers that she has 6 brothers, a father and huge family, who are from the Italian mafia? The meaning of the name kara is beloved but she has never been loved, will someone finally love her or is it in her destiny to not be loved ever......Btw the pictures are from our lovely Pinterest Read to find out more.....๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
Rejected Princess

Davina's soulmate rejects her, but he has no idea she is his future queen. ***Davina Andonov is a werewolf, but she is also an Oracle-blessed by the Moon Goddess to see the future, and has been kept under lock and key her entire life in her family's castle, but when her parents decide it's time for her to find her mate to help her rule, she finds her soulmate-and he brutally rejects her. Torn between her heartache and her duty to the throne, Davina uncovers damaging secrets of the past, and Davina's gifts of sight wreak havoc on the kingdom that will have repercussions for the future of her rule, however long-or short-may she reign. ***Sequel to Rejected Revenge ***Can be read as stand alone novelTrigger Warnings: mild language, mild sexual content.
Our Baby

From an abusive home to a foster homeLaylana, a 16 year old girl who suffers from a condition of where she stopped growing at the age of 2 shes still 16 stuck in a 2 year olds body. Once her biological parents found out she stopped growing they weren't so found of her anymore and kicked her to the side like she wasn't worth anything. One day she gets put into the fostering system, what happens when no one wants a 16 year old girl in a child's body?
The Testimony of Emmanuel Amos Eni

Escaping the dark world of witchcraft and sorcery can be very difficult. Emmanuel Amos Eni was deep into witchcraft when he was rescued by Jesus Christ.
His Wife Or His Maid???#Wattys2016

#1 in What's hot list and still counting going on. Allahamdulilah. Thank you my beautiful readers."You're a bad omen.. If anyone see your face first in the morning then nothing good will happen like it happened with me. " His eyes blazing in anger as he spoke these words. "It wasn't my fault... It was Allah's will.. Please don't say these words I am your wife. " She was crying as she replied.He roughly caught her hair and pinned her to the wall eyes blazing in anger. "Never ever do you say that you're my wife.. Understand??" He spoke as he more gripped her shoulders forcefully as he threw her on the floor. "You filthy don't deserve me" with that he walked away. He hated her She loved him with all her heart. He treated her like a maid She did all her duties as a housewife. When he needed her she was there before he could call her. When he realised his mistake it was already too late.Cover credit goes to @_PrincessRapunzel_
WHO AM I? & Other Poems

Just some random poems that I wrote.

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Adventure Time Before Fionna

Hi guys. This is my first story I'm putting on wattpad so don't be to hard on me but constructive critisizim is good. Thank you for reading!

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CLASS F Romance Kouta x OC

umm so i have a bit of a dirty mind and i wrote this when i was in 8th grade.....ummm so yea when i wrote this i had never seen a story like this and wanted to write one so here it is I dont own these characters well i guess i do own my OC Yuki

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spilled milk

A collection of short poems.Originally crafted by yours truly- lostwanderare

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Kamen rider Agito and Heartcatch Pretty Cure

story, a young man named sakurai takeru had a somewhat good life. Part time job at restaurants, and he came upon his peculiar circumstances. Takeru, seeming for no reason, transforms into a powerful superhuman, agito, whenever in the presence of the being referred by the police as the "unknown or lord", a race of powerful monster that have been causing murders around tokyo targeting certain people as their prey. 2nd year middle school student tsubomi hanasaki has just moved with her family to kibougahana to live with her grandma.she is shy and introverted, but is determined to start off her school life at myoudou academy as confidently as possible.lately she has been having the same mysterious dream again and again of cure moonlight defeat at the great heart tree. she wonders what it all means. then suddenly,two fairies from tbe dream appear to her and before she knows it, she is transformed in the legandary pretty cure cure blossom! later joined by her high energy classmate and new friend erika kurumi as cure marine the two girl vow work hard to protect everyone heart flowers from the gang the desert messenger. another trouble lord, g3 and agito work together whether they should join up and defeat the unknowns, or to combat each other,keeping the mysteries that entwine them separate. some day the kamen rider and the precures might work together to fight their own enemies to the world.

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Battle Of The A's || Akashi Seijuro x Reader

A story that narrates your life that goes through the paths of thick-and-thin that are filled with love,denial, and of betrayal.

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Simulation Theory: The Prologue

In a world adrift, where shadows dance,A tale unfolds, a chance, a chance.Young Roy, a soul in search of kin,In realms unknown, his journey begins.Residing on a vessel, a cosmic ride,A climate-changed Earth, where hopes subside.With Uncle's jests, a resilient heart,Roy seeks his roots, a quest to start.Amidst feasts and nightly shows,Uncertainty lingers, secrets enclosed.A midnight call, a truth unveiled,Parents alive, but justice impaled.Sent to a ship, a fate unknown,Criminals, they say, yet seeds were sown.To a distant planet, far or near,Roy vows to find them, conquer fear.Chapters unfold, revelations untold,A mystery deepens, a truth to behold.A strange device, a moment surreal,Time warps, emotions to congeal.In the park's embrace, a rendezvous planned,Sayle, a friend, on shifting sand.Blue waves, a device's deceit,A rock thrown true, time's heartbeat.Gone it was, the machine's disguise,Sayle bewildered, beneath cosmic skies.A journey unfolds, a quest untold,In Roy's heart, a story to behold.

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Maybe this time

It started when Jihoon accidentally saved the boy from falling down the stairs three weeks ago.Had he known this would happen, he would have let him fall and die.

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Charming Mr Stewart

Elle's the wedding photographer and Dean's the most eligible bachelor and best man at the season's biggest wedding. Can Elle deny her feelings and stay professional, or will she give into her heart's desire and nab him while she can?*** After losing her husband, Elle Grace, ran away to a country town, determined to live life shut away with her memories. But when the once-prominent photographer dives back into work, she invites exactly the type of man she could fall in love with. Dean Stewart, wants her, as a wedding photographer, that is. Though taking on Dean as a client is strictly business, Elle can't deny her attraction. The more she ignores him, the more charming he gets, relentlessly trying to steal what's left of her broken heart. When the professional and personal lines blur and heads turn in disbelief, Elle is forced to choose: go back to the lonely life she planned for herself or give love, and Dean, another chance? [Inspired by a true story.]***This story will become free on 11 August 2023.[Content warning: This story contains loss, grief, and themes of bullying.]Cover designed by Ria Amelia

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50 Ways To Annoy Yellowfang

WELCOME TO 50 WAYS TO ANNOY YELLOWFANG BY LEGITWARRIORS. Firestar: I AM GONNA GET YOU FOR SLAPPING ME WITH YOUR TAIL AND PAWS, YELLOWFANG. Yellowfang: *screams like a kit* Poor Yellowfang... Anyways, in this book, you are going to see Firestar, including his best friends, Brambleclaw and Ashfur AKA Team F.A.B. on their journey to annoy Yellowfang after what happen just --- Brambleclaw: YOU HAVE NO ESCAPE FOR HURTING MY LEADER. Yellowfang: *moves the other way but was block by Ashfur* AH! HELP ME! Ashfur: NEVER! Now... Sorry for the interruption made by those cats... This is just a humor book :D

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The Golden Fan Awards 2021

"Celebrating the underrated writers of Wattpad..."Welcome to The Golden Fan Awards 2021!Good luck~We are currently:- Open for entries [๐Ÿ“–]- Judging [ ]- Closed [ ]

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