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Consumed by avarice, the four human kingdoms-the Infernal Empire, the Kingdom of Caelum, the Kingdom of Treterra, and the Nayale Archipelago-betrayed their covenant with Yther of Azitera, the race blessed by deities, who protected humans for untold centuries. They slaughtered and defiled the beings that once protected them from storm, famine, poverty, and pestilence without mercy.

Betrayed by the humans they protected, the Ytherians were enslaved. Their four queens were caged, chained, and imprisoned to serve as nutrients to the human kingdoms. The once prominent Ytherians were reduced to nothing but servants.

As the four kingdoms of the human race prospered for many years since their betrayal, one news staggered them, causing them to tremble in fear and rally their armies to protect and defend their domain: Sollel-the Mistress of Flame, one of Yther's queens-had escaped her prison. Her flames will raze hell, ready to burn the souls of her betrayers.


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My life is full of magic. I was barely a few months old when you-know-who came and killed my parents. My brother, Harry, was almost four. They sent him away but I was too weak from the attack. Papa has raised me since then, letting me run around the school when the students aren't there. Papa lets me make potions with him when he's not busy or angry with his students. My brother is supposed to start school soon; I can't wait to meet him. I wonder if he remembers me.I own only Harry's Sister. All Harry Potter/Twilight characters, references, etc., belong to their authors.

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eρεβος (erebos)- of darknessi saw darkness pass over his eyes. that blank stare that was lifeless and cold.the darkness is a static constant in this ancient story of ours. to which we all submit. to which, even the ancients, especially the ancients, speak of. those who pass hardly ever return. those who return are never forgotten.what is it? what is it that looms over our fates and darkens our doorways?it is death, my love. erebus, my darling.

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