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They've lived together; they've lived apart. Turns out you can miss someone terribly, even if they're just across the room.

Most of the story takes place in 2020/21, and while I strove to stay true to real-life events/ timelines, there may be instances where creative license presides.
Comments and feedback are more than welcome. Enjoy!

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Gwen Bradbury has seen the end. Gwen Bradbury has learned fighting again. ******Gwen Bradbury's life is torture to her. She is floating above everyone else. Her existence is like a void, eating her up from the inside, little by little every day. Gwen wants freedom. She wants to escape. But she is not one to give up. The darkness and demons can't do anything to her, not again. She will fight till she can't take it anymore.Oliver Carlson isn't your typical boy next door. He isn't the popular bad boy with a dark past you will find in every book. Oliver is not cocky, not famous, not one with eight pack abs. He is quiet, silent, hiding in shadows, away from everyone else, on his own. He has learned to keep to himself, build his suits of armors up, and shut everyone out. Nobody really knows him. He doesn't care. What hurts is that when his popular brother Owen Carlson gets everything he wants, leaving Oliver nothing.So when Gwen Bradbury unintentionally unexpectedly crashes into Oliver Carlson's life, she tries to convince him that life is beautiful with her broad smile and crazy endeavors. Oliver does quite the opposite by shutting her out on the outside but maybe secretly slowly letting her own a piece of his heart.But what happens when both Oliver and Gwen are faced with disasters that make their second skin fall apart in front of their eyes abandoning only the truth?Completed.@girlofthetrees is the editor of this book."How is it possible for someone already have written such an amazing book and on top of it write another one," - @Nani2096, A reader of 'In Too Deep' about Floating."I love you and your books so muchh. The recent Floating chapter almost made me cry because it was so beautiful. I hope one day your books will get published and I'll be sure to buy them." - @sel__hHighest Ranking:#1 in depression#1 in hot#1 in slowburn#1 in friends#1 in sarcasm#1 in sad#1 in loneliness
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Due to popular demand and requests, I have finally decided to do it.Thanks to @Exotic_Animator for making this story. It's hasn't been updated for a while, so I'll do it myself. Ayanokouji Kiyotaka has been cursed (blessed) by The God of Love who accidentally linked Ayanokouji and 100 different girls/women. They are to become soulmates bounded by love and fate. If their relationship with Ayanokouji fails, the girls are fated to die in an accident. It's a matter of life or death. Will Ayanokouji survive ANHS with 100 potential soulmates waiting for him? Will he get his wish of a peaceful and ordinary life? Disclaimer: This story is a fanfiction. The original story and characters are owned by Kinugasa Shōgo (Classroom of the Elite)The story was inspired by the manga series "100 Girlfriends who really, really, really, really, really love you" by Nakamura Rikito Disclaimer: I haven't caught to the 100 girlfriends manga (so, I might take some of scenes from it, but all characters are from COTE)
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She is innocent They are manipulative She plays it safe They thrive in danger She likes her normal life They rule the world of crime She didn't know they existed They missed her every day After her mother's tragic death, 14- year-old Astoria Lisa Santos now has to move in with a bunch of complete strangers who she now knows as her brothers. What happens when her normal life collides with their not so normal one? Secrets will be unraveled, questions will arise and trust will be tested. But one thing that she learns and will never forget throughout this journey, is that family is not just an important thing, it's everything. All right reserved ©~ Awesome cover made by @annie1loves1you - thank you.
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An alternate Jason Uchiha timeline
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Tia wakes up everyday wondering if she'll meet her mate. When she finds out her mate and the alpha of her pack doesn't want anything to do with her, she's heartbroken. Until another puts the pieces back together.___________________________________________I take a step towards him, and say the only thing that comes out."Mate"His beautiful features harden, as he strides towards me until I can feel his breath on my freezing cheeks."Get the fuck out of my face!"--------------------------Started: 11/27/2021Finished: 3/9/2022
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Everything was perfect,Until one night.When she thought life was bliss,It took away her precious beings. He had his life all well,With no worry.Only until he stumbled,Upon her. Two different people, Two different places,Yet they cross path,By the means of their Lord.
ကျောင်းမြက်လေးရဲ့ရည်းစားဟောင်းအဖြစ် (ဘာသာပြန်)

Translation novelUnicode only Zawgyi users များ page မှာဖတ်လို့ရပါတယ်ရှင်

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I'll Love You. Forever... | reed900

Gavin-the unlikable, arrogant detective, who finds pleasure in annoying everyone around him - mostly Connor - finally gets assigned his own deviant android right after the revolution: Nines. One night, after failing on a difficult case - once again - Nines finds Gavin at a bar, drinking his troubles away. After a push and pull conversation between the two, Gavin speaks up about the cause of his need to drink and smoke, forever deepening their relationship. !! ONESHOT !! possible TW's: unresolved trauma, alcohol, mention of emotional and physical abuse, healed self harm scars and mentions of the act.Stay safe! •°•°★°•°• A/N: this is a mix of angst and funky sh-t (mostly at the start, but it goes really deep in the second half). Wrote this in the middle of a night, so it may seem a little sloppy here and there.Also, do you prefer Hank × Connor (hankcon) or Gavin × Nines (reed900) or Simkus (Simon × Markus)? I honestly don't know :'DDEnjoy! •°•♡•°•Published: Word count: 2069 (not intentional)Edited:#69 reed900 1/11/'24 (⁠ ͡⁠°⁠ ͜⁠ʖ⁠ ͡⁠°⁠)#669 connor 1/23/'24 (⁠ ͡⁠°⁠ ͜⁠ʖ⁠ ͡⁠°⁠)!!! I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS, NOR THE FANART !!!

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Random poems that express my thoughts and feelings or random povs that you might relate to :)

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¿Qué pasaría si te vas a la casa de tus primos ya que tu madre tiene que irse? Tu llegaras a alterar en orden en esa casa, y ocasionar lo que menos quieres....ESTA OBRA ESTA REGISTRADA EN SAFE CREATIVE.Código de registro:1907141432600, no se aceptan plagio o adaptaciones SEAN ORIGINALES.-¿En serio era necesario llegar a esto? -digo mirando a los hermanos.-Sera necesario- me contesta uno de ellos.En ese momento algo me decía que algo malo iba a suceder...Una obra de:@xXParkMinSooXx, @jen09523

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St Lucia Advance Tours

As St Lucia's largest tours and airport transfer company St Lucia Advance Tours offers tour and transfers from the leading airports, to provide unique travel tour excursions solutions to our customers. Our goal is to be the first choice airport transfer and sightseeing tours provider in St Lucia; we are serving worldwide travelers with innovative technologies and a wide selection of St Lucia Island tour options. We offer tours in St Lucia, Castries St Lucia tours, Soufriere St Lucia tours, Sulphur springs mud bath st Lucia, St Lucia private airport transfer, St Lucia airport shuttle, St Lucia day tours to our customers through our website. We are proud of serving our customers with the generosity of our earned values.

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You decide to visit the butchery to get some meat for dinner, then everything spirals out of control.discontinued, rip(cover art by me, Tw: yandere, blood, animal death, cannibalism)current word count: 6,906

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