Middle School Drama= Hell

Middle School Drama= Hell

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Category: Romance
This story explains things that are happening at my school to me and my friends. If you are into drama, you will certainly want to read this.

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القدر يحكم العباد يجمع كل ذي نصيب بنصيبه ، فلا تجزع و آمن بما كتبه الله لك تأزر ..
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Marc Williams started having some financial problems after his dad's job was cut short, he decided to get a part time job where someone gives him a life changing offer. Daniel Ferreira A rich boy with some anger issues who gets a new assistant who he totally hated at first, but as time goes on these duo gets even more closer than they expected....'We stood together in silence staring into each other's eyes, his beautiful ocean blue eyes were so captivating, He cane closer to me and I moved closer to him too, we were only inches apart and my heart beat became faster each passing second....'• i only publish my books on wattpad and no other website/app •- Achievements -#1 - lgbtfriction#1 - richboy #1 - mxm#1 - onc#1 - onc2024#2 - bisexual #2 - wattpad#2 - highschool #3 - gay#5 - richboy #5 - romance#6 - wattpadcontest#6 - boyxboy #6 - bxb #10 - gaylove (out of 1,000+ stories)#10 - wattys#18 - teenromance #23 - boyslove #34 - teen #39 - gaylove Started - 23 | 7 | 2020Completed - 31 | 3 | 2023
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