Meeting Mr. Billionaire #Wattys2020 #The2019Awards

Meeting Mr. Billionaire #Wattys2020 #The2019Awards

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Category: Romance
#1 in Romance

(This is the first book of MR. BILLIONAIRE SERIES)

Emily Evans is a young, smart, beautiful, independent, and stubborn woman. Due to some reasons in her life, she has come to believe the fact that love is a waste of time. There is no such true love in real life. You love one person until second person comes into your life. She has never been in a relationship before and even does not want one in the future because she thinks that she has no time for such foolish things!

Zach Paxwell is the CEO of multibillionaire Paxwell CORP. He is young, handsome like some Greek God, womanizer who uses women as his playtoys. He changes his girlfriend every week. He is arrogant, rude, stone hearted and does not have feelings for anyone!

What will happen when these two people meet? Surely the sparks will fly! The moment Zach sees Emily, he wants her and what Zach wants, he gets it by any means!



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Unforgivable - A Betrayed Deku Story

U.A. made it's biggest mistake...An unforgivable mistake...

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Quotes from random books and gamesAlso music! :3Don't forget tags!

1.9K 23 24 Full
THE LAST DAY|| Grim Reaper Jungkook × Reader

Grim reapers. Known as the guiders of the afterlife were known to have one sole purpose: It is to send the humans to the afterlife based on the judgement day that was given by fate.But what happens if one of them got caught of the crimson's grip , falling in love with a woman who harbors a secret through her remaining days. Will everything still be the same?Or is there something they can do to change fate's intricate design.

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big sale fungsi pompa dosis chemical PT Hefram Asasta Indoensia

1. Pemberian Bahan Kimia Secara Tepat: Pompa dosis dirancang untuk memberikan jumlah bahan kimia yang sangat tepat dan konsisten. Hal ini sangat penting dalam banyak aplikasi, seperti pengolahan air, pemurnian air, pengolahan limbah, dan industri kimia, di mana konsentrasi bahan kimia harus dijaga pada tingkat yang sesuai.2. Automatisasi Proses: Pompa dosis sering kali terhubung dengan sistem otomatisasi untuk mengontrol jumlah bahan kimia yang disuntikkan ke dalam sistem. Ini memastikan bahwa proses dapat dijalankan secara otomatis dan tidak memerlukan campur tangan manusia secara terus-menerus.3. Keamanan Proses: Dengan menggunakan pompa dosis, dapat dihindari kesalahan manusia dalam pengukuran dan penambahan bahan kimia. Ini membantu meningkatkan keamanan proses dan mengurangi risiko kecelakaan atau pencemaran yang dapat terjadi karena kesalahan manusia.4. Pemeliharaan Kualitas Air: Dalam aplikasi pengolahan air dan pengolahan limbah, pompa dosis digunakan untuk menambahkan bahan kimia seperti koagulan, flokulasi, atau disinfektan. Tujuannya adalah untuk menjaga atau meningkatkan kualitas air, mengendalikan pertumbuhan mikroorganisme, dan mengatasi kontaminan tertentu.5. Pemeliharaan pH: Pompa dosis kimia juga digunakan untuk menambahkan bahan kimia yang dapat mengatur tingkat pH dalam suatu sistem. Pemeliharaan pH yang tepat sangat penting dalam banyak proses industri dan pengolahan air.Jika anda berminat bisa cek di toko kami:Shopee: anda bisa mengunjungi toko kami:PT Hefram Asasta Indonesia: atau bisa hubungi nomor ini: 0813-3535-3290dosing pumpchemical dosing pumpmilton roy dosing pumpseko dosing pumpaquarium dosing pumpdosing pump brandsdosing pumpchemical dosing pumpmilton roy dosing pumpseko dosing pumpaquarium dosing pumpdosing pump brands

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Luxembourger Educational System

Like any other countries, Luxembourg also has its share of educational policies and laws...

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Ella is falling apart trying to live a "perfect" high school life. Then she meets Ren, who can see past her scars. Suddenly perfection isn't her only option. ***** Ella Volkov is a gifted music student, but she's depressed and starting to crack under the pressure of high school. Her overbearing father won't even let her choose what instrument she plays. Then she finds herself alone at a party with Ren, her best friend's crush. She'd always thought he was rude, but after that night he's all Ella can think about. Now she's trapped. If Ella dates Ren, it will ruin her friendship with Jenny. But if she stays true to Jenny, she's losing the one person who can see past her scars. It's up to Ella to decide if she will forge her own path, or stay in the "perfect" box designed for her...Content and/or Trigger Warning: depression, anxiety, self-harm, violence, sexual assault.[[word count: 50,000-100,000 words]]

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After solving a double murder - twice - Imogen Fox, the personal assistant of the John Oakby, the Mayor of a tiny own of Fleckney Woulds, has sworn to never again give into the temptation of amateur sleuthing. She'd rather work on her artistic career and enjoy her happy little life with her adopted children and the man she loves. Except, the man's father asks her for a favour: to help to clear the name of his former paramour, accused of stabbing her ex. Meanwhile, their small town is plagued by a series of daring burglaries. ~ Fox & Oakby Murder Mysteries ~ Book III ~ Cosy Mystery, Romance & Humour ~ {Sequel to OFFICIAL TOWN BUSINESS (Fox & Oakby Book I) & PAINT THE TOWN RED (Fox & Oakby Book II) available on this page}

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