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Magic and Martavion was Bestfriends pretty much inseparable. They where complete opposites, but you know what they say opposites attract.!Yes this is a remake of BESTFRIENDS.!

A story of how a small mistake can change your life beyond your thoughts how will four different lives will change after a life changing thing happened will they be able to live normally or life will give the hard time and his will the manage this all .this is going to be a bl fanfiction based on male pregnancy.the couples are ..Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli top Rohit bottom virat kl Rahul and Hardik Pandya top kl Rahul bottom Hardik and I am not goone add subhman and ishan as couple I mean they are couple but they are kids here only .lastly everything is imaginary so please don't give hate comments.and also if you all didn't comment then I am not going to continue this one so please comment and vote .

A story of arrange marriage between Ansh and Avni. This is a story which depicts the sacrifices everyone makes after marriages .21/06/2017 - #131 chicklit6/12/2017- #39 chicklit8/12/2017 -#21 chicklit10/12/2017- #17 chicklit15/12/2017- #12 chicklit16/12/2017-#11chicklit22/12/2017- #9 chicklit27/12/2017- #8 chicklit3/2/2018- # 3chicklit
From Foes to Fathers[SS]✔

Two former best friends, now rival businessmen, discover a 6-year-old boy abandoned in a park. As they work together to uncover the boy's identity, they put aside their differences and become makeshift fathers, learning the true meaning of family and friendship.
Vampire kyle (stan x kyle)

Vampire Kyle with Kenny was hiding a dead body then some madness broke out what happened next will shock you😨
DARLING (yandere boys x reader)

(Y/n)'s family was amongst the few people who had fled the city to find refuge in the forest far from society after the Infection had spread throughout the world like gunpowder. Having never set foot outside of the Uninfected community, (Y/n)'s thirst for adventure had often led her to wonder what might await her outside the safety of her home. She knew what the Infection did to people, how it had corrupted every sense of moral and values in society. How it had corrupted the government and laws. She had heard of more tragic stories than she could count and knew she'd probably never have the courage to see the world for herself. But when (Y/n)'s older sister, Grey, suddenly disappears after another one of her many explorations, (Y/n) finds herself taking a step out of the Uninfected community and into the troubled world of the infected city to find and save her sister. Unfortunately for (Y/n), Grey isn't the only one in danger.

Julia Goldstone is a girl from a small town where nothing ever happens. She has no family and an abusive boyfriend who she can't escape.Reed Eastwood is a cold blooded killer with no emotions. He is the king of the largest mafia in the world, ready for a loveless arranged marriage and refuses to show mercy to anyone.What happens when the two of them cross paths and everything changes? Julia is determined not to fall for the devil and Reed doesn't believe he is capable of love.Will they fall for one another in the complicated world of danger and lust? Or will they realise that the mafia king truly is 'heartless'?"Excuse me?" he said, slowly making his way back over to me."I said that I'm not coming with you." I mumbled in a tone a lot less demanding.He held my chin between his fingers, just as Logan had earlier that night, but this mysterious stranger was a lot stronger.His scent filled my senses and I began to feel lightheaded. He inched his face closer to mine, forcing me to stare deeply into his eyes. The tension could have been cut with a knife."It's cute that you think you have a choice sweetheart." he whispered, sending shivers down my spine. _______________DISCLAIMERS:All of these ideas belong to me, don't steal them!This is a mafia romance story.*NO SMUT*more romance than action*written for fun, please give it a chance *Includes some bad language and violenceTop Rankings:#1 in heartless#1 in killer#2 in teenfiction#2 in mob#4 in mafia#4 in gangleader#13 in romanceCOMPLETED!
Love Upon a Time | ENG TRANS |

It's my life, you know? I choose what I want. It's my right.Nakhun is a twenty-year-old student who does not believe in superstitions. One day, fate plays a cruel joke on him and he finds himself catapulted back in time almost four hundred years, to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya. He is mistaken for someone who was missing, Klao, so Nakhun assumes his identity and tries to solve that mystery, while also looking for a way to return to his timeline.Klao's friend Phop doesn't believe Nakhun is the one he knew and continues to keep an eye on him.

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You're the only son of David Beckham who still plays football and carries his dad's dynasty, and you're like really good at it.But the pressure of being one of the footballing legend's son is big, and with fame comes every other shit you can imagine.From broken relationships and hearts to serious gold diggers and paparazzi chasing you around everywhere.Fake dating is your only escape from the girls chasing you around and posting nonsense on the internet and your family picks out the lucky girl.The story of Kai Beckham...(Age of characters don't match real life)

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Bed wetter

This is about a girl named Kana. Her mother died, they were very close so Kana was not happy. She started wetting the bed and her father and brother don't know what they'll do.

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It wont beat us

Eddie was always told as a kid he must remain strong and provide for his family and put himself last, when he finds a lump he finds it hard to ask for help

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In which, a naturally fast and old school girl with no cursed energy whatsoever, gets intertwined into the affairs of a sorcerer and her good friend Itadori. Now here she is, broke and not amused by the sudden turn of events that have gotten her stuck in the strange school of teenagers, a stranger boss and a thousand year old man that wants to eat her."Look, I didn't ask to be your intern."'But you are?""Yeah, I'm making a point.""What point is that?""Don't make me hold your damn phone charger for you!"

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rwby red vs blue and venturiantale crossover

alot of people who watch venturiantale have probably never watched red vs blue or rwbybut these shows are my three favourite things in existance so im making a fanfic about it if you dont know venturiantale rwby or red vs blue heres links to there wiki read through the main charachters to catch up if you dont you will not understand alot of stuff in this fanfic

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look at him, he's got anxiety is what he's got!

Deku's always nervous with his muttering and such, so no one really pays any mind.But once he starts considering vigilantism, he gets REALLY nervous, to a point that can't be good for him.And Bakugo finally starts to realize.

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Object shows but they're on crack

I'm bored, let's see where this goes! This might be my 2763rd book with characters being on crack so let's hope I won't forget about this one! :D

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A Way of Honor (Champions of the Crystal Book 2)

King Baldaran of Praxatillus is dead, and Maratobia, his only surviving child, must become Queen as well as Guardian of the Great Crystal. Her companions, Sabrina and Scotty Devon of Earth and Wayfarers Tirqwin and Khediva, accompany her home, only to find themselves embroiled in an investigation of regicide and a plot against Maratobia. But is it political or personal? It will take all their strength-and loyalty to each other-to stop their unknown enemy, deal with the revelation of Tirqwin and Maratobia's link, and face a possible war between Praxatillus and the Wayfarer Homeworld.

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The Girl everyone didn't know

this is how i felt and everything that was going on in my head after my best friend passed away and how i dealt with it. spelling and punctuation isnt the best but its okay

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Warriors #5: Heart of Fire

Ashfur and the Dark Forest are rising, and unfortunately, it is taking its toll...Swiftpaw has now been training in the Place of No Stars for four moons, and has only recently learned of their true motives for him. Will he stand against them and for what is right, or let himself fall into their horrible trap?Lilypetal continues to watch as Ashfur's plans unfold, who is still fixed on his plan for vengeance. Although it has been seasons since she first exposed the speckled-gray tom and sent him into exile... Lilypetal sees that time is only making Ashfur's vindictive heart grow stronger. And even through being pulled deeper into her past and focusing on her loved ones, she will stop at nothing to find a way to rid of Ashfur's wrath for good.Meanwhile, Goldenshine is still immersed in discovering more about one of ThunderClan's newest apprentices, Snowpaw, who according to Jayfeather is Snowflight's reincarnation. This may be clear to Goldenshine, but the reason for her sister's return is still completely unbeknownst to her.DISCLAIMER: Just to respect Wattpad's guidelines, I will say, that as a Warriors book, there is the mildest of mild violence!*Cover image is by the very talented Mothmori

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