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Two years ago, Andra was the most popular girl in her high-school. She had it all- beauty, money, friends, and a boyfriend that was just as popular as she was.

Now, she still has beauty. She still has money. But she has no friends. She has no boyfriend.

And she's only known as Medusa.

She turns the boys to stone. Maybe for revenge. Maybe because she wants them to hurt the way that she does.

Until a group of new boys figure everything out. They refuse to turn to stone, and they refuse to let her be the monster that everyone misjudged.

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Jamiri decided to not give no nigga another chance he was just gonna stay single for the rest of his life I mean that's what he thought
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Demon Slayer : Next Generation

So me and my friend thought it would be a good idea to continue demon slayer if Tanjiro wasn't saved, so ya.⚠Disclaimer⚠-Swearing-Spoilers?-None of this is true this story is just based on our imaginations-This is not cannon nor approved by the original author-Read at your own risk-This work is combination of @XX_Its_Kira_XX and @XXXHimawariXXX-Cover/Collage made by @XX_Its_Kira_XXThx.

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Black Clover male reader insert

Yu is young boy, who was raised together with Asta and Yuno in Hage village. Join to Yu's journey become the world greatest wizard king.I don't own black clover characters, art and my own character is based on Rengoku Kyojuro, though he isn't the same though he has same name and appearance.

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Ek Mulakaat

I am not interested in love. I hate the word love because people have forgot the pure meaning of love ~paruHer. She. She was made for me, she is made for me and she will be made for me. She is mine and i am her's ~ abhimanyuJust dig into in the story and its my first story which I am official gonna write on the spot every time I get any idea and let me tell u this is purely my story so if u have any problem then that's your problem 😑👍🏼hope u like this story and if u do don't forgot to vote 🗳️☘️✨💗thanks for reading till now now u can start the story 💕#14 darkromance (15th march 2024)#155 powercouple (08/04/2024)

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