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Master Control

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Category: Mystery
This is the story of a boy and his power - summoning an invisible screen to answer his questions, whether about past, present or future. Follow his journey as he explores the potential of this ability. Is it a blessing, unlocking new possibilities, or a curse, bringing unforeseen challenges?


pointofview. #36. March,28,2024
killorbekilled. #47. March,29,2024

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Никто не хочет жить обычной серой жизнью, все хотят приключений и ярких эмоций. Такой и была Сара - простая девушка из пригорода Норфолка. Она спокойно жила в ожидании чего-то необычного и дождалась. В её жизнь ворвался загадочный но невероятно красивый незнакомец с огромным количеством секретов. Парень оказывается вампиром, но эта не единственная тайна, которую он хранит. Одна из этих тайн полностью меняет жизнь девушки ведь секрет касается её судьбы. Сможет ли она избежать своей участи или же судьба настигнет её в любом случае, куда бы она не бежала?
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*reader insert* When a twenty year old is just living life before she gets sucked into a different time frame where Greek gods were thought to be the cause of everything. Wait-that's not a normal Tuesday...?Y/n is at a loss when she finds herself in a time not her own. Thoughts of leaving the perfect palace called Olympus riddled the girl's mind. She stuck out in the most horrible ways among the finery.She needed to leave. Only when the gods find themselves fascinated by y/n all hopes of leaving seem to be tossed out the window. A harem where everyone wants y/n for themselves!? Geez what has her life come to?*pictures used are not mine*
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❛ 𝗜𝗡 𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗥𝗬 𝗜𝗡𝗙𝗜𝗡𝗜𝗧𝗘, 𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗥𝗘 𝗪𝗜𝗟𝗟 𝗔𝗟𝗪𝗔𝗬𝗦 𝗕𝗘 𝗔 𝗙𝗜𝗡𝗜𝗧𝗘 𝗦𝗘𝗔𝗠 ❜ From the eyes of an outsider, born with the thought-to-be-lost inherited technique should have propelled him to be the clan's savior. Yet in his family's eyes, he is viewed as nothing more than a mere puppet. Such a destiny is beneath him, of course, and he is determined to do whatever it takes to change it. ## jujutsu kaisen x m! sorcerer reader characters belong to gege akutami cover art: @xox_rom on twitter 260723

Mula sa pagmamalaki ng kanyang angkan, naging dulo ng biro si su Mo sa loob ng ilang minuto. Ang dating King of Mercenaries from Earth ay muling isinilang sa katawan ng isang batang lalaki sa isang dayuhang mundo at gumamit ng mga kasanayan sa kanyang nakaraang buhay upang umangat sa tuktok sa kanyang mga kasamahan, gayunpaman, ang kanyang nakaraang pagsasanay ay maaari lamang siyang dalhin hanggang ngayon. Ang susunod na hakbang sa mundong pinangungunahan ng martial arts ay ang gisingin ang Martial...
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Shazia could feel someone's burning gaze on her throughout the presentation but she chose to ignore the feeling of being watched by someone....., Ali couldn't help but wonder how a little girl like her carried herself more maturely and professional..... after explaining her part she turned around to be met with the most darkest and coldest eyes she has ever seen which sent shiver down her spine ( the first mistake she did is to look in those eyes) she quickly averted her eyes..., Ali's thoughts were stopped when she turned and looked directly in his eyes, he saw something which he cannot put his finger., in her eyes...., Shazia gave others a small smile before asking their opinion, but when it was Ali's turn to speak ..... the statement he uttered next made Raiyyan spit the water he was drinking....... and others astonished....( what did Ali say????)...... join this abstract roller coaster of Shazia and Ali's life to know more...!!! The story of two different people who will get to know each other by a meeting.... A girl who craved for her parents love but end up loosing them in front of her eyes A guy who had everything from looks to people... and also lots of taints of blood in his hands of innocent to bad...( little did he know that he won't be able to forgive himself for his one mistake after meeting that one particular girl)The girl who will destroy everything in him... see how the ruthless mafia fall on his knee in front of a determined girl
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|HIGHEST RANK #1 IN TEEN FICTION| * When a Good girl meets a Bad boy, things are about to get cheesy and cute* when Amelia Greene heard the rumours about the new Bad Boy in town, she was curious but what she didn't know was that her dog Hulk would work in some twisted way to make her path cross with the Bad Boy itself. When they meet, his possessive instinct kicks in making Zander King mark her as his and only his. But what if Amelia Greene like someone else? What if he vowed to make her his forever? What if someone else takes an interest in Amelia? But as it's always said "Life is not a bed of roses" and theirs aren't too. ****** *UNEDITED* Warning:- Typos, errors, terrible grammar; enough to make you cringe and throw your phone against the wall. You've been warned.
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#ProjectBadBoys{Highest Ranking: #7 in Teen Fiction & #2 in Fiction}Blake Tyler is your typical bad boy. He skips school, sleeps with girls, smokes, drinks, and parties. He's the most popular boy at Hartford High School. Everyone wants to be like him or be with him.Kristina Reagan is your typical book worm. She gets good grades and studies every night. She has a future and strides to not veer off course.So when her popular best friend convinces Krissy to go to one of Blake's parties, she wasn't expecting to associate herself with the bad boy himself. A drunk text sent to her could change her entire world forever.

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Mikes best friend Will Byers go missing he looks in the woods one night to find him but instead of finding him he finds two girls. Wrote this on my quotev account but decided to post it on here as well link to my acc incase you want to follow it I don't own any of the characters here all right go to Netflix and the duffer brothers

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Author: Dillon Sapp According to the tales passed down through the tribes, it has been nearly 2000 years since an ancient cataclysmic event, known generally as "The Breaking", shattered the world. The Breaking transformed Goshen into a land where its inhabitants must live a life of strife and struggle to survive. Few understand this better than the Tribes of the Grey-lands on the South West coast of the Northern Continent of Rogas. A young man, born into the largest tribe, heard the tales and legends of the Breaking and his duty to the Tribe, but the stories he truly enjoyed came from Bolsh, one of the caravan drivers that oft came to trade for the metalworks the Tribes were famed for. He envisioned the raids of the Abimelech warriors, the terrifying creatures lurking in the wilds, and the visits to distant lands and people all very different then the Tribes he was raised in. As he played the roles in his mind, a yearning grew in him to abandon his place in the Tribe and become one of those stories himself.

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Sam and Colby meets Sierra and Olivia. After Sierra Anderson struggles to live as a normal girl while growing up as a member of one of Hollywoods biggest families. Her and her younger sister decide to go off on their own and start a YouTube channel. Ghost Hunting. Following an investigation at a jail with an unplanned feature by the infamous duo, Sierra decides to see where the new friendship takes her. Triggers include Mentions of rapeMentions of abuseCar crashes

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I wrote this three and a half years ago back when I was obsessed with the warriors series. It's a short story about a young female alley cat named Syra who lives with her mother. The alley cat community is plagued by a tribe of rouge cats called Olles that live under a bridge and killed Syra's father and abducted her siblings.It's kinda cheesy, and I accidentally flip from fist to third person sometimes, so I need to fix that.

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