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Its big day for both family. Two family ready to bond by the name of marriage. But when the marriage become more of a heartbreak for both family because of the bride. The bride runaway on her wedding day.
The family reputation and dignity causes both families to make a hard decision . The scapegoat was Ankita(runaway bride's sister).Will the groom(Arunesh) accept the change.
where the destiny takes their relationship.
Ups and down in the journey of their sudden marriage, will they make a "Happily ever after " couple or otherwise.


"Highest ranking, #3 in ChickLit ( August, 2016)

^_^ Thank you guys for you support. "

Read and Find out. ^_^
Hope you like my story .

All rights are reserved.
Copyright © 2016 by RamYamu

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It's classification day for Riley. he is finally 18 but when he gets his results things turn for the worst quickly when he has to stay with his brother until he gets assigned a Caregiver. Emily is 20 and has been a Mommy without a little for 2 years, she longs for a baby to care for and when she gets assigned to Riley everything changes.Pls read authors note before readingI am a new time writer this is the first book I have published, hope u enjoy ♡.This book got #1 - babyboy!!!! There is one chapter that indicated NSFW actions but nothing explicit it's just implied. Please also keep updated on my authors book that I have where I put all updates on how my book is going and chapters and things. Stay positive!!!
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#1 in the desi medical romance seriesHer lips were inches from mine and her sweet scent filled the air between us, intoxicating me. I slid my hand down her bare arm, reveling in the way her smooth, soft skin made mine tingle. We were alone in the hallway outside the ballroom and all I could think of was pushing her against the wall and crashing my lips on to hers. She had to have felt something, because she stood still in front of me, breathless, her eyes locked on to mine only to break away and wander down to my lips.===============She was a young woman from a conservative culture trying to adjust to her new life in the West. He thought he had left that culture behind, being born and raised in the US. The tribulations of medical training bought them together. Their stubbornness and prejudice kept them apart.Join them as they travel on a journey of self-discovery and challenge themselves as much as they challenge each other. This is a medical drama and a romance story rolled in to one. It highlights the professional and personal issues an immigrant physician faces in the US, as she navigates her new work life, while finding love in the most unexpected of places. *Loosely inspired by real life events***Patients mentioned in this story are purely fictional characters*****This story contains some heavy themes like loss of life, mental health problems and drug abuse***Highest ratings:#1 in desi (Sept 2022)#1 in medicalromance (June 2022, April 2024)#1 in immigration (Jan 2022)#1 in physician (Oct 2023)#2 in pediatric (Jan 2022)#6 in Muslim (Oct 2023)#6 in goodgirlbadboy (Dec 2021)#6 in culture (Jan 2023)#10 in doctor (March 2022)#12 in selfdiscovery (Jan 2022)#18 in medicine (March 2022)
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"Yet in my soul it always grows, My love you are the last blue rose."Caia Sinclair has lived her whole life in Riverdale. She thinks she knows the town, the people in it. However, the death of a local boy turns her whole world upside down. Trusts are broken, secrets are revealed, and a romance begins to bud. Through all the turmoil, can the blue rose still continue to grow?Started: 6/21/18Published: 8/13/18Finished: 11/9/18
[CH200+ Continued] Dungeon Diver: Stealing A Monster's Power

A story following a young hunter named Jay. He has grown up in a world where dungeons, monsters, and humans with leveling systems are a cultural norm. At the age of 20, he awakens a skill that allows him to steal the abilities of monsters. While others are stuck with a specific skill set, he continues to grow stronger after every battle.Follow Jay's journey as he learns more about his unique situation in a world that's grown blind to the real dangers of modern-day dungeon diving. What to expect:-Weak To Strong Male MC-Fast Leveling + Rare Magical Items-Stats + Hidden Abilities + LitRPG System-Explosions, Monsters, & Epic Battles[Daily uploads, a minimum of 7 chapters per week.]
Ben 10 Male Reader X My Hero Academia

It all began in China, In Qing Qing City. There was news that a baby that gave off light was born. Ever since then, superpowers were discovered in various places, and time passed without the cause being identified. The world has become a superhuman society and about 80% of the world's population now has some kind of special trait. In this world swirling with chaos, the professions that everyone once admired came into limelight. That profession is a Hero. A boy who was Quirkless admired these Heroes, but it was impossible for him to become one...Until he found a certain device that fell from the sky one day.PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THE STORY OR THE ARTWORK.

⭐시알리스파는곳『ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45』비아그라구매◈️발기유지제품처방❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#프로코밀사는곳,#비아그라파는곳,#천연시알리스가격⭐시알리스파는곳『ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45비아그라구매◈️남성발기제품파는곳❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#남성발기개선제품온라인약국,#발기부전영양제100mg약국가격,#비아그라효능,#발기부전영양제처방전필요없는,#발기부전시알리스당일수령,#레비트라처방전필요없는약국,#스페니쉬플라이처방없이구매,#남자강직도영양제구매방법,#캡슐시알리스처방없이구매,#프로코밀가격,#필름시알리스구매방법,⭐시알리스파는곳『ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45』비아그라구매◈️필름형비아그라처방전필요없는약국❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#약국용시알리스사는곳,#골드시알리스판매점,#비아그라필름구입후기,#뿌리는남자정력제처방전없이구입,#킹콩약국가격,#먹는비아그라구입,#발기력향상제품처방전없이구입,#먹는비아그라100mg처방,#필름비아그라판매처,#정품시알리스처방전없이구입,#약국용비아그라복제약구입방법,⭐시알리스파는곳[ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45]비아그라구매◈️정품시알리스구입❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#남성정력제100mg처방,#액상형비아그라복제약구매,#남성성기단련기구퀵,#강직도영양제퀵가격,#발기유지약판매처,#골드시알리스파는곳,#정품비아그라퀵,#필름형시알리스처방전필요없는약국,#먹는시알리스복제약구매,#비아그라인터넷구입,#비아그라복제약처방전필요없는약국⭐시알리스파는곳『010↔7504↔6Ø45』비아그라구매◈️a 발기부전 치료제 구매,비뇨기과 비아그라,비아그라약국처방전,핀
Mysterious time traveller to age of Mahabharat  [ Discontinued ]

Gargee, is a very intelligent, beautiful and a sassy attitude type of girl. She has a weird kind of love for ancient weapons especially Bow and arrow( Dhanush ban). She has great love for music, art and dance . In simple words she is an allrounder. She is in love with Mahabharat epic.She is currently 25 years old and an entrepreneur and CEO of DIVINE company.Her company is successful and they make different kind of electronic gadgets. Due to her love for Mahabharat , she decides to make time machine with her highly skilled bunch of employees . She believes that if she succesfully made time machine , she can travel back in time to watch mahabharat actually happening. Their company made a time machine but they were unsure whether it will work , but no one was ready to sacrifice themselves for testing it.So atlast Gargee sacrificed herself but something went wrong in time machine and she fell onto the ground in completely different world.But little did she know that she will be a major part in the future of this world because it the era of mahabharat. Though she loved mahabharat but when she fell in different era, her memory about knowing mahabharat was magically lost and she became totally unfamilier to the place.This is my first story. There can be some grammatical or spelling errors. So please forgive me for that.DISCLAIMER -This story is completely imaginary. It is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings or respect for religion. But if it's hurting you in any way then you can leave reading it immediately. The story of the mahabharat will be bit different but I will try to align it with actual story as much as possible.Ranks:#1 in Mahabharat on 23/3/23#3 in Mythological on 19/3/23
Sucker ✸ Cobra Kai

In which a teenage girl joins a karate dojo called Cobra Kai.Miguel Diaz x Fem!OCRobby Keene x Fem!OC( a cobra kai fanfic )

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promise ||

i want you to be your light, baby.~~~~~hr: #6 in #promiseawards2019 (Jan 18, 2019)#537 in #hobi (Jan 11, 2019)#293 in #promise (Jan 17, 2019)

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Bình yên những tháng năm tuổi trẻ

Truyện ngắn, tản văn, đoản văn ngôn tình

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A series of short stories that depict moments of romance, payback, and relationship karma.

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The Maze Runner; Imagines & Preferences -Finished-

no longer taking requests. i hope you still enjoy, though!![edited august 26th,2017]•cringe warning. read at your own risk•ALL RIGHTS GO TO JAMES DASHNER FOR THE CHARACTERS AND SETTING.

49.5K 51 1.2K Full
Remnant: Chronicles of the Sword King

Jaune Arc was never given the chance to grow in canon; he continued to lag behind the rest of the main cast. A foolish kid who continues to pine after the dream of being a hero. In this AU, he's been given the chance to become a warrior of worldly renown, a hero, and maybe even more.*This cover frame isn't mine; it's a panel from the webtoon "The Knight King Who Returned with a God."This story takes inspiration from a number of different animes, mangas, and webtoons. Gold stars to the folks who can tell which they're from.

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leaga one shots

Magbobonding lang tayo.

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traditions ; andromeda black !

traditions ; andromeda black (tonks)progress: writing !

365 12 1