Male Empress Dotes On His Bun (Long Updates)

Male Empress Dotes On His Bun (Long Updates)

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Category: Romance
Ning Jie liked by the emperor nor his so called son whom he had heavily doted on both didn't bother to visit the sick empress both abandon him but hope was not lost a cute little boy who only what's his love had taken care of his empress mother without complaints and the sick empress had recovered with the help with his loving bun.

how could this Male empress resist of course the delicious bun will get all his love and care now the great Ning jie will give all his love and devotion to his fateful son .........Oh What's this the unfaithful son is back and jealous and now the emperor wants his attention.

go to hell I'm with my bun don't disturb me


This is my first time writing stories like this so please bare with me if I'm wrong okay Bl I love these types of Bl so I wanted try it

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