Mahabharat - I Wish This Lasts Forever(Editing)

Mahabharat - I Wish This Lasts Forever(Editing)

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Category: Historical
Her love and devotion for the epic history of Mahabharata led her to travel to the past, the era of Mahabharata Dwapara Yug. As the sister of Krishna, our Dhaksha is here to discover her destiny in this epic story.

What tragedies will she encounter throughout her journey? How will Dhaksha be connected to all?
Will Dhaksha play a significant role in this history?
Will she discover her destiny?
Will she learn why she travelled to the past and became Krishn's sister?

Check out this book to learn about her journey throughout the whole story.

Fiction added to this story is not meant to hurt anyone's perspective. It's purely for entertainment.


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