Mafia King

Mafia King

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Category: Romance
Every girl wants a bad boy to be good just for her. Although that may be hard when a girl falls for a member of the mafia.

Autumn Rose Parker. This name is known around town. She gets along with everyone she meets. However, she isn't afraid to try something dangerous. But what she doesn't know is that falling for some guy you meet on the streets can get you into a whole load of trouble. Trouble including mafias, guns, cigarettes, bad boys, family drama, police, and alcohol. She had no idea what was coming her way when she met Ryan, the city's mafia king..

Cover by @kingmadi

®All rights reserved

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Inspirational poems, sad poems, happy poems, advice in poems, just poems in generalIf you like these poems, then please read my other poetry book called "Within the Confines of my Heart." Tell me what poems you want me to write in the comments or on my conversations.I'd also really appreciate it if you would vote on my poems; it really means a lot!!!#6 in whattoread - 12/1/2019# 5 in underrated - 8/9/2020#53 in poetry - 1/14/2021#1 in poesia - 3/29/2021#9 in read me - 1/14/2021#3 in poet - 2/14/2021
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⚠️CRINGY BOOK ⚠️[THIS BOOK IS VERY BERY CRINGY I WROTE IT LIKE A WHILE AGO I THINK BUT LIKE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK ITS POBLEY THE MOST CRINGIEST BOOK EVER]A new girl named missy comes to the heroics vent along with all the other kids. And all of them have to save there parents/ the heroics from the aliens.But will anything happens while trying to save the parents?Nature is the daughter of Rapunzel and Flynn and Wild card is the son of Tech-no. All of there parents are part of the heroics. Nature and Wild card are best friends that like to flirt a lot. But little do they both know both like each other but are to scared to admit it. But will they become something or stay friends? A/n-I will try and post as much as I can so I hope you like the story's and give and ideas you think I should add to the story. Thank you!!!!!

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His reflection wasn't quite normal, and that was fine. The doctor knew what was inside of him. One of them had to go.

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George struggled with himself. His friend didn't seem to notice but Clay sure did. At first, George didn't really like the new student that much."Am I the problem?" George asked. As the taller one responded with a cold tone in his voice, a smirk formed on the brunette's lips. ! I don't know the original creator of the fanart used ! TW // anorexia , depression , homophobia , abuse , self harm , toxicity

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When 2 idols met on Instagram...Completed ✔️

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Full Story: books about the horrors of the zombie apocalypse is one thing-but Georgie Blake can't believe it has become her reality...She never expected her fictional stories of blood, death, and the consumption of human flesh to jump off the page into the real world. She certainly didn't think she'd survive this long if they had. As a shy novelist, she was sure she'd be one of the first to die.Safe in the Sanctuary, Georgie holds on to hope for a cure...But that's not all she holds on to. The government has promised the people of the Sanctuary that they can return home. The rumours are rife that there is an antidote on the horizon. But even if not, the infected are dying out, throwing the treacherous AM13 virus to the brink of extinction. If the infection dies out, this horrible nightmare Georgie is living in will be a distant memory.Until everything that's right goes terribly wrong...Soon after meeting some new friends in the Sanctuary, Georgie learns she's going to have to face the monsters outside the walls if she wants to return to her old life. But for a scared, introverted bookworm, it may be too much to consider...Will Georgina conquer her fears of the dead to return home, or will she be one of the countless others who have gone Extinct?

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Supplier Bio Septic Tank Kragilan Kabupaten Serang

ORDER KLIK, Harga Biofil 2021 Melayani Pengiriman ke Kragilan Kabupaten Serang, Harga Bio Septic Tank 2 M3 Melayani Kragilan Kabupaten Serang, Ukuran Biofil Melayani Kragilan Kabupaten Serang, Harga Biotank 2000 Liter Melayani Kragilan Kabupaten Serang, Tangki Septik Biofilter Melayani Kragilan Kabupaten SerangTANQUE FORTE Merupakan Merek Bio Septic Tank Terbaik, Tahan lama dan Bergaransi Panjang, cocok untuk rumahan, IPAL Komunal, IPAL Medis, Rumah Sakit atau HOTEL SIAP MELAYANI PENGIRIMAN KE SELURUH INDONESIAPABRIK SEPTIC TANK BIO TANQUE FORTEJl. Cangkudu No. 7-9 Sukamukti Ranca MKragilan Kab. Kragilan Jawa Barat- IndonesiaBapak HendraCALL 0852-1533-9500 #HargaSepticTankBiotech2022KragilanKabupatenSerang, #HargaSepitengBiotechKragilanKabupatenSerang, #SepitengBiofilKragilanKabupatenSerang, #HargaBioSepticTank3M3KragilanKabupatenSerang, #BioTankHargaKragilanKabupatenSerangPosting By:Refi Austin PurnamaSMKN 1 CARIU 22-08-2022

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long poems

ive been writing poems for a while and have only now really shared them, most of these peoms i have written or i know the person who has and have allowed me to upload them. yes most of these poems are tough and about subjects that arent really talked about alot so here we gofeel free to message me a poem if you want me to upload them on here and ill mention you if you would like. thank you for reading .

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nightmares ; yoonmin

nightmare;noun1. a frightening or unpleasant dream

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