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Mafia In Love

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They just barged in. A man in Black Suit locked me in my room . I could hear yelling and ALAS!!!!!!!!! Two gunshots were fired ...........
He unlocked the door and entered with a smirk and dragged me out of the house . I saw my dad lying dead in a pool of blood. But he didn't heard my screams , all he did was that dragging me to his car and pushed me inside.
'' So you lied to me and now you will regret it" , he said.............
" No please, don't" , I cried for help but they all acted as if they knew about this before hand.

Warning- short chapters!!

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Hey guy this is my first book so please be nice. This is my original story and its completely made up as well as very mix cultured.please read to find out about story.If u don't have anything nice to say don't say it please and if there is any confusion please let me know so that i could try my best to explain itI will update it as soon as I am inspired to write please be patient with meMost of the pictures used are from the app "PITU" and the faces used are mostly my sisters and most are from Google

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