Madly In Love With Her || Kim Seokjin FF

Madly In Love With Her || Kim Seokjin FF

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Jeon Y/N, Younger Sister Of Jeon Jungkook. She Is Very Kind And Innocent. Jungkook Loves Her A Lot. What Will Happen When Y/N Will Find Out That Jungkook's Business Partner And Bestfriend Kim Seokjin, Y/N Considers Him As Her Own Elder Brother But He Is Madly In Love With Y/N And Can Cross Any Limit To Make Her His? What Will Happen When Seokjin Will Get To Know That Y/N Is Already In Love With Someone?
Y/N: I Used To Call You Oppa, I Thought Of You As My Own Elder Brother But You Are A Monster. I Hate You So Much. She Said While Sobbing.
Seokjin: Don't You Dare Call Me Oppa Again Or Else You'll Have To Face The Consequenses. He Said In Anger.

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