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Lust in thoughts

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Boboiboy Shitpost Book

Warning: Theories, Foreshadowing, Cursing, and indefinite sarcasm. Leaf is trying to figure out what shipping means. Solar is too embarrassed to help.
Bonds Built (Completed)

Jessica Brown is a twenty-five year old surgical technician, newly heartbroken and dragged out to get out of her feelings. In the mist she meets Major League Baseball player, Mateo Santos.The two find themselves in a situation they never imagined being in after a night out changes their connection to each other like the never imagined. But it doesn't just change their lives but those around them, forever.Some bonds will be broken, some bonds will be built. How strong is your bond?
Pawn of the Wind

Issei Hyoudou, a brown-haired, easy-going, freedom-loving guy who loves adventure! What happens if Rias Gremory summons him to assist her in a rating game that would decide her future?High School DXD and Sonic The Hedgehog belong to their respective owners.The art belongs to JasonGoldFalcon on Reddit, until I can draw it myself (probably not for a while), it will be a placeholder.
Re:zero reaction to subaru (but with a twist ๐Ÿ˜ˆ) (Monthly Series Now)

As the cast of re:zero have finished watching Subaru suffering from arc 1-4 they thought it was over but they are giving a opportunity to see Subaru past. And they take the chance.... what a waits them tune in to find outThis is my first story here. I am a bad writer but I'll try my best and this story will be a lot different from your usual re:zero story.
Alpha Of Blood

Alexia wanted a mate, but what happens when her Mate doesn't want her.Every year, The Red-Moon pack would host a Party, for the unmated wolves. Little does Lexi Know is that she isn't leaving without a mate.But what will happen, will they have their happily ever after?Will they forever act like rejected mates?Or will something else occur?
Obsessed Stalker

Smut 18+ ONLY!โš ๏ธWARNINGโš ๏ธโš ๏ธCONTAINS MUTURE CONTENT & some goreโš ๏ธโš ๏ธVERY SEXUAL 18+โš ๏ธThis story is something I made up so plz don't judge or be rude in my comments thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป also ik König is German I just don't know how to speak it ๐ŸฅบScarlett Johnson (23) works as an exotic dancer at a night club called The Devils Workshop, you could expect that Scarlett has had her fair share of pushing away flirty men. What scarlet doesn't know is that when she rejects König (26), a regular at the bar, it might be the worst decision of her life. Read more to find out what happens next๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿป
Gulliver's Travels (1726)

Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. In Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of Several Ships, better known simply as Gulliver's Travels (1726, amended 1735), is a novel by Anglo-Irish writer and clergyman Jonathan Swift, that is both a satire on human nature and a parody of the "travellers' tales" literary sub-genre.
๐“›๐“ฎ๐“ฝ ๐“จ๐“ธ๐“พ ๐“–๐“ธ

I think it's time to let go of my feelings for you atleast to keep our friendship forever...- fourthI wouldn't have let you go away from me...only if I knew earlier that it would hurt this much....- Gemini

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In this world, she-cats are considered lesser to toms and aren't allowed to be warriors. They can only be hunters, medicine cats, scavengers, or servants. The only she-cat high in power is the mate of the leader. All her life Snowpaw has been put down, told she'll never be able to do anything and be nothing more than a weak hunter. She soon begins to see a mysterious cat that tells her of a time when all cats were equal and she's determined to bring back the old ways, even if it kills her.

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The Rise of Venomstar

VenomClan is known for their battle abilities, their hostility, their power-hungriness, and their violence. Seasons have gone by and many Clans forgot what VenomClan once stood for. All anyone remembers after history forgot Venomstar is that VenomClan is an antagonizing force in the Land, that will target the other Clans time and time again.In the beginning of the Clans, VenomClan was not created for this purpose. This is the story of Venomstar, his life and his struggles, and the rise of the Clans themselves, led by Venomstar's claws himself. This is also the story of Venomstar's plans for his Clan, and the eventual fall of his vision.He wanted his Clan to be a powerhouse, supplying the Land with the protection they needed from other aggressors... but of course, when the Land doesn't need Venomstar's guidance or power anymore...We all know how the stories go.

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Not long ago, Ellis was desperate to connect with her past. Now all she wants to do is rectify it. The truth of her identity has spurred Ellis to take her destiny into her own hands. She sets off on a perilous quest to retrieve the Elosra Crystals alongside her friends-fighting bandits, challenging quests-all while facing an internal enemy that could thwart their mission.Mysterious visions continue to unravel a terrifying revelation about her past, while a great evil in the land continues to grow in power and strength.It's a race against time for Ellis and her friends to reunite the Elosra Crystals before dark forces prevail...

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Best Romance Books on Wattpad

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HOW TO STOP LIKING BOYS โ” Stranger Things โœ“

โ› HOW TO STOP LIKING BOYS! โœ STEP ONE: Don't think about his smile or the way he looks you in the eyes when he talks to you or his laugh FAILED STEP ONE.S1 - 2MULTIPLE CHAR/MULTIPLE OCS WINNER OF BEST MIKE WHEELER FIC IN @EZRAMIIIERS AWARDS! 1ST PLACE IN @STRANGERTHINGSCLUB'S AWARDS

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France's Attention Turns to Shein Amid Fast Fashion Focus

Shein's remarkable success in the fast fashion industry can be largely attributed to its highly efficient supply chain management system

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THIS IS LIKE AN "OH MY GEE" story better read it. :)))) BTW, I will include some of my friends, cousins, and classmates/school mates.Maybe u will feel the same if u read it... IM TELLING U..."READ IT" :))

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When the roku box first launched, it was a clear advantage for anyone who wanted to watch television on the go - no matter where you were. So many people embraced the idea that the box was a must have that the launch of the show Showtime Anytime Via

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