Lunatics {Book 1 ✔️}

Lunatics {Book 1 ✔️}

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Category: Paranormal
''You know how they came up with the word Lunatic?'' he asked.

I shook my head, feeling like I probably didn't want to know the answer. His lips pulled up on one side in a mischievous, lopsided grin.

He stepped closer. ''Because all of the worst monsters come out during a full moon.''


Lou DeVue has known from a young age that she was different and not in the 'I-think-I-was-left-on-my-parents-doorstep-by-a-wizard' kind of way.

She can see things. Dark things, usually.

The darkest, of which, happens to be about her new neighbors. The five boys hold an energy that Lou's gift can't ignore. An abyss surrounds them and Lou finds herself gazing into it, but what happens when the abyss gazes back?


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