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Category: Science Fiction
A dystopian romance in which two superhumans from light and dark fall in love.



On August 21st, 2164, Mara Winters will discover she is not a normal human being. She will learn that she belongs to an elite race of humans called 'mutants'.

Which so happens to be the type of human that her government has killed off almost completely.

After a factory incident at her workplace, Mara will soon realize she isn't the only mutant remaining on Earth. She soon finds herself in a Rebel group training for one sole purpose; to take down their evil leaders.

But one night, Mara discovers that she has a mental bond between an oh-so-sexy mutant commander from their government. It allows them to telecommunicate, or even appear in each other's heads late at night.

The two find themselves slowly warming up to each other, despite the fact that the commander was an evil mutant-a sworn enemy against Mara's kind.

But as secrets of their past begin to unfold, they realize they had more in common than they could've ever known. They find it harder to trust those they once considered close.

Little did they know, a war was coming. And not just a physical war.

A war of love.


#1 in #Dystopian Oct. 27th!

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