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•Lucy Evans, radiant of confidence, fiery hair, fiery temper. Good heart, soft but strong, unapologetic and honest. A free spirit, uncontrollable, unpredictable and unconfined. The type of woman you go to war beside, not against•

•Sawyer Thorton, loyal and kind. Supportive and empathetic. Easy going but stern. The best souls are the ones that went through hell and still remained pure. Grow from experiences that were meant to break you•

>Lucy Evans, adopted by Aberforth Dumbledore when she was a baby, grew up in the Hogsheads in Hogsmeade. Small town, familiar faces, the best childhood a girl could have. She grew up to be brave, to be strong and to stand up for her beliefs<

~Hogwarts won't know what hit it~

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Evelyn just wanted to spend a memorable new year's eve with her boyfriend but he gave her a cold shoulder on such a special day. She was left heart broken by him. In such hard times, a stranger consoled her and saved her from being robbed. she thought him to be a good guy but is he really what he seems to be....?
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Tae : i guess you like it when i call you wifey.. good name isn't it ?Y/n : HELL No !! Oh.. s-sorry i didn't meant to raise my voice. I mean.. don't call me that.Tae : what ? Wifey ?Y/n : hmm..Tae : then that's what i am calling you from now on.. wifey !She is so flustered right now that she isn't even looking in front . I secretly let out a smile took a look at her and again focused on driving.When i realised, what am i doing. No... She is doing something to me....A story where Y/n, who is just 17, was forced to marry Kim taehyung, the cold CEO of kim enterprises. Read to know their story as they live their married life. ...warning -Mention of blood, suicide and gore.Mention of Intimacy.#27 fanfiction#8 taehyung#4 kim taehyung#8 Jungkook#65 btsscenarios#80 btsfanfic#120 lisa
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The reader wakes up to a new life as a monster skeleton. In a new world, that's filled with monsters, humans, and magic. But instead of living their new life to the fullest, they will have to survive Gaster's experiments and war with humans. Just because Asgore became mad for absolute control over his citizens and the humans. Will the reader and his brothers find their freedom and a place to call home or die trying?
الكُوخ +18 || تَّ،كُ

كيم تايهيونغ و جيون جونغكوك يقرران بشكل رسمي الإستقرار معا ، بعيدا عن صخب المدينة وذلك بشراء كوخ لطيف في منطقة سيكويا بشمالي كاليفورنيا !ماذا إن تحولت حياتهما الهادئة إلى أكثر كابوس مرعب ؟المسيطر : كيم الخاضع : جيونالمحتوى مثلي ، رومنسي ، رعب ، عنف ، غير مناسب للبعض !كل الحقوق محفوظة @Vkohae
My Step Uncle!!!

*sneak peak* I can't help it, he is so hot. This story will have a lot of smut.
Wicked in Love

In a sick way, I prefer nightmares. I hate good dreams because I know when I wake up, she won't be there. Book 3 in the In Love SeriesORDER OF BOOKSSpitfire in LoveReckless in LoveWicked in Love

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This story follows the life of Cassidy Joyce, a quirky, unusual girl that is told by her future self to form a team of heroes. After proving herself and purchasing an abandoned warehouse, she locates seven misfits to be the first members of her team. The stories of the first eight members are told in the futuristic eutopian city that was once known as Chicago. But in the shadows of this perfect city for the elite are signs of a different story. A story of widespread corruption, abuse, and torment by the hands of a sinister time traveler that plans to destroy everything that Cassidy and the seven heroes know and love.

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When the Day Met the Night

A ryden fanfictionI suck at descriptions but it's Ryan and Brendon so.... .(edited by my friend @levitatingllamas he's great so yeah show him love cause he makes my writing not shit)

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