Loving The Russian Mafia

Loving The Russian Mafia

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Category: Romance
"You have a choice either choose me or being a mafia" I added hoping that he'll come back with me and if not then I will be the one leaving him this time.

He suddenly started laughing loudly confusing me.

"Oh god you are so innocent sweetheart do you honestly think that I have brought you here just to let you go...do you think going away from me is so easy, do you really think that I'll ever let that happen" he said controlling his laughter for a while but again started laughing.

"You can't keep me with you without my wish" I whispered feeling all my confidence gone suddenly.

"You'll be staying with me love with or without your wish" he replied coming closer his lips touching my ear, before walking out leaving me all alone.


Ryan Knight and Vienna Green both were high school sweethearts, they were deeply in Love with eachother.

But one incident changed their life and parted them away from eachother.

But destiny had some other plans and they both met again but Ryan is now the most feared and powerful mafia of Russia.

And after knowing this, all Vienna wants to do is run away from him.

But what she doesn't know is that Ryan won't let her go this time, not again.


Book 3 in Loving series.

It can be read as a stand alone book.

Cover by @EndlessHeights-

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