Love, Rivals, and Royalty

Love, Rivals, and Royalty

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This book is finished. Book 2 is coming out soon.

Briar is the Princess, the most wanted and desired girl in England, Her brother is destined to take the crown and she is promised to someone she does not love, The prince of France. (Louis partridge) she begs her parents for one last chance at love and she enters the desperate market as a debutante. She has lovers, and rivals, as well as a growing hatred for Prince Louis.
Lyra, Briar's dear sister. Is a rebellious teen author, who meets a mysterious and kind boy one day when she sneaks out of the palace. He is a stable boy and works at a library and his sister is the handmaiden of Briar. Lyra tries to keep her identity as Princess a secret, but she makes mistakes, and people begin to realize what's going on behind the scenes.

Emerge yourself in 19th century British Royalty and follow the twists and turns of two Princesses' lives, as they grow and explore life outside of the palace, passions, sexuality, and learn how to control they're human urges in a world where women must be proper to the point of inhumanity. Granted, this is fiction so not all of the "facts" are perfectly correct. But as a proper author would, I did my research for this book.

This is the first book, I want to make it more of a series and carry the story on for a little while.

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