Love or Obsession

Love or Obsession

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"Lo itu punya gue, kemanapun lo pergi gue bakal ikut!".

"Hah?, sejak kapan emang?, Jangan ngomong aneh deh".

Cowok paling ditakuti di kampus karena banyaknya rumor buruk tentangnya, terobsesi sama cewek pindahan Nadine. Owen punya rahasia gelap dalam dirinya yang membuatnya ditakuti oleh semua orang ditambah masa lalu buruk yang terus menghantuinya.

Apa Nadine akan menerima cowok itu, menerima semua masa lalu buruknya atau meninggalkannya?, tapi bagaimanapun pilihan Nadine, Owen akan terus mengejarnya sampai benar benar dapat.

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RETURNED TO WATTPAD!"I heard he punched a teacher who tried to take his hood off.""Really? I heard that he's hideously ugly and can't stand to have other people see him.""Hmm, I was told that one time he was hooking up with a girl and he still didn't take his hood off."-----These were the things they said about the new kid at Charlesteen High School. Were they true? No one knows, but touch his hood and you'll lose limbs. Quiet and intimidating, he never initiates conversation, and the only person who bothers to investigate this new student, is Amy.Amy Carters is an ordinary girl with problems of her own, but when her social studies teacher pairs them up for a project, she's grows curious of the hooded figure. Who is the boy who lives under the shadows? But despite her curiosity for the new student, she can't fight the attraction she feels for her new co-worker, Asher. Kind, thoughtful, and absolutely stunning, she quickly finds herself torn between Asher and the mysterious and brooding new student.The question is, who will she choose?-------After five years of the rights to this book being owned by Dreame, it can finally be returned to Wattpad! Be warned; I wrote this book when I was 14 and I can't even remember how it ends. Heed this warning haha.
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reup for offlinenot the ownersource in eatapplepies.comif the original owner wants to remove this, pls DM me and i will remove it.
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With her family bankrupt and the man she loved now married to another woman, Gretchen decides to move to London to fix what's left of her life. Returning to San Francisco a failure is not an option, so she takes on the only job she can find - one that involves a baby, a man, and unfortunately, love. *****Ethan Williams is done with love. Scorned and left by his wife, his life's goal is to acquire more wealth and travel the world. But one morning, he wakes up to find an infant on his doorstep. Left with no choice, Ethan hires a nanny to care for the child. When he begins to feel his heart respond to the presence of the new nanny, he is certain his life just took a turn for the worse - and he is determined to rid himself of every silly notion of love.[[Word Count: 80,000-90,000]]Cover design by Cil Ojumo

"Who are you ?" His voice demanded his tiny fists clenched slightly. Stunned I began to stutter "I-I'm Payne t-he new g-girl" Scared of the boy in front of my I closed my eyes. Dread started to fill my body. Is he a bully ? My body began to shake in fear as thoughts of me being bullied filled A small hand touched my shoulder immediately sparks erupted throughout my body. A small squeak left my mouth as I quickly moved my shoulder away from the source that caused the sparks. Slowly looking up I saw that the boy was looking at me in awe ? He gently held my shaking hands into his and smiled at me. "I'm Leo do you want to be friends ?" A smile slowly took over my face. "Yes" ----This book will have a lot of swearing and some adult themes. Everything in this book is not really or based on anything in reality life, I just dreamt about it one day 🤷🏽‍♀️

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first day of college, ever since middle school this boy named Alex has been bullying you, until one day you are forced to be partnered up with him,

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a princess, a prince, and their blossoming love. ♘ prince! todoroki x reader fantasy au ♘ lowercase intended

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