Love Me? Like You Do.

Love Me? Like You Do.

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"I need you to be my wife." he said lifting her chin up, forcing her to look at him.
"But, we don't love each other." protested Brielle as he crashed his lips against her own.
She couldn't think as she kissed him back, intoxicated by his scent and the skillful way his body moved against her own.
"Please." he said huskily looking into her eyes. "Say yes."
"Yes." Brielle found herself saying. After all she never had a choice when it came to him.

After Brielle rushed an elderly man to the hospital, she used up all her savings to foot the bill. But she didn't expect the man's son to arrive, within minutes of her payment.

He's rich, he's handsome and he's single. He's the biggest businessman in the continent. And the elderly man she rescued was his beloved father. A simple thank you and a cheque would not suffice.

She's too simple for her own good and he's too good to be true.

Read on to find out how a mismatched pair's lives intertwine.

A big thank you to @CovermakerH for the amazing cover

#Romance #Comedy #Fun #love #action #drama

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dont report just block
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Natsu has Been acting strange.Very strange..He has been protecting lucy like if any one touched her he'd punch who ever. Even if it was levy or guild mate. All of the dragon slayers are acting strange. So Erza mira lucy and levy go to the library to see a book about dragon slayers.In that book they find 'Dragon Slayer Mating Season ' which catch their attention.They find out that they want to make something with them. They try as hard as they can to avoid the dragon slayers but it's too hard. Because of their new power they can defeat mira Erza and even master. Well, they can defeat him if they all help..They but this happened after the gmg. They all seek their mates. Until they found out who and protected and followed them.Natsu X lucyGray X Juvia (Gray or Juvia isn't a dragon slayer)Gajeel X levyLaxus X miraWendy X romeoSting X YukinoRogue X Kagura And not even kagura or Mira or Erza or them combined can defeat one of the dragon slayers when the dragon slayers are angry, their magic is more powerful during mating season. Even wendy. I am not saying wendy Is weak. She's not.

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Midnight Cigarettes ; The Outsiders fanfic {UNEDITED}

He pulled out a cigarette and lit it."Sodapop Curtis, but you can call me Soda" he answered."Sodapop?" I chuckled.He grinned "I know, I know" he said taking a puff of the cigarette."I like it" I smiled, taking a long drag of the cigarette and looking back up at the sky.-Accomplishments:#1 in Soda#2 in #curtis#2 in #1970s#1 in #sodapopcurtis#1 in #steverandle#1 in #matthews#9 in #ponyboy#1 in #curtisbrothers#6 in #tulsa#8 in #sixties#6 in #outsiders#2 in #twobitmatthewsPLEASE REALIZE not all of this writing is done by me. I've taken bits and pieces of The Outsiders by S.E Hinton!Also please realize I wrote this in middle school and there's are lots of grammar mistakes.

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Lately, Scott (Umbreon) has noticed that Vappy (Vaporeon) has been acting very out-of-character during school hours. Perky, bubbly, and joyful Vappy is what Scott knew her as, but ever since, Vappy left him with a shy, embarrassed, and awkward version of herself. Scott eventually takes matters in his own paws to do everything in his will to help out his new friend, but only when he's trying to help, uninvited feelings start to emerge, and things start to escalate quite quickly. As a product of Scott's help, they both find themselves trapped in a lovely, enjoyable relationship, but, Vappy is keeping a secret on her shoulders that might end it all.

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