Love Me Dear (Love Me Book 3)

Love Me Dear (Love Me Book 3)

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Category: Romance
Trinity Emerson has managed to escape a truly terrifying marriage with the help of her family. Leaving her home town of Savannah, Georgia, she landed in Wyoming working for Levi Shaw at Shaw Holdings. Her work was rewarding, and while she was not miserable, she was lonely. Levi Shaw has led a life of secrets and he is used to hiding behind a mask, a mask which has made him equally lonely. As Levi and Trinity spend more and more time together, secrets are shared and walls are torn down as they realize that they have more in common than either one of them thought. But as they start to trust and love again, past mistakes interfere once more. Will those mistakes make them stronger or rip them apart forever?

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A high school BTS fan fiction of Taehyung. 16 year old Y/N is colorblind and gets bullied because of that. That is also the cause of the depression she has. When she has enough of her depression and the bullying of the other students, she plans something that is terrible. Is there really no one who could or wanted to save her? This fan fiction will maintain Mental illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidal! If you are weak for those subjects then I recommend that you only read it if you are ready for it! Stay strong everyone ♥ (THIS IS MY ORIGINAL FANFICTION, ALL CHARACTER RIGHTS OF BTS ARE GOING TO BIGHIT! I also write this story on quotev with the same username!)

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When Harley Axelson finds herself falling into another dimension through her closet door mirror-into a dimension of people with wings, monsters of ice and blue flame, and the cheery "alter ego" Afton-everything she knows about the world is thrown out the window. Inter-dimensional travel is real. There are infinite parallel universes with Harleys under different names, with friends and family with personalities eerily similar and drastically different. And mirrors are the portals, only open to those who contain the ability to fall through them: Transversals.So reveals Harley's chance to escape from her mediocre-at-best life with newly acquired friends on the other side of her mirror. But the dangers of traveling are costly and the stakes run higher the more she does, the more she learns about her past, herself, and the universe around her. Not to mention flaming ice monsters are following her through dimensions, a technologically advanced one nearby is turning corrupt, and her safety in the two dimensions she holds dear are making Harley question her true place among them.[cover done by the amazing @illuminated_ ]

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