Lost Heart √

Lost Heart √

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Category: Teen Fiction
One year later Skylar Anderson, enrolled in Philadelphia College of Arts, has nothing more to worry about other than dozing off between classes.

And her might-just-be crumbling relationship with her boyfriend--Caden Miller.

Long-distance relationship wasn't what Skylar had been looking forward to. Not when her boyfriend was once again finding it a little too hard to not go back to his old ways. Old, secretive ways with the mysterious New York gangs.

It's like they all say: once a gang leader, always a gang leader.

Or a liar. Both of them works.

New secrets once more brewing to the surface, with a past that was better left buried. Not to forget, the police department was also searching for Blake Matthews--who, unfortunately (or not) had escaped prison bars.

There was so much Skylar thought she knew, but she didn't. So much that's been left in the dark.
And secrets always have a way of coming out.

After all, what's a life without some lies?

Text copyright © Crystal7016 ™ 2022

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