Lost Cause (A Daisy Dunlop Mystery ~ Book 1)

Lost Cause (A Daisy Dunlop Mystery ~ Book 1)

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British female sleuth, Daisy Dunlop, thinks she's found her dream job. Too bad she has to work with her worst nightmare, private investigator Solomon Liffey. They've barely spoken since he took her husband's request to keep her safe far too literally and handcuffed her to the kitchen sink.

Solomon has no interest in babysitting a new partner, especially this one. The woman's a bleedin' liability. She has no concept of danger and could flirt for England at the next Olympics. As if that isn't bad enough, she has a habit of sticking her nose in where it's not wanted, including into Solomon's very private life.

Determined to keep Daisy safely out the way, Solomon sets her the task of finding a missing person. Her investigations land her in the middle of his case. Bullets fly, bombs explode, and the number of murder victims keeps rising. When Solomon goes missing, the tables are turned. Now his future is in Daisy's hands.

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