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In which Stefan's formerly dead ex-fiancรฉ turns up out of the blue and turns the whole idea of immortality upside down.

*seasons 2 and 3*

complete, but I will still be editing.
Part one of the Lola series.

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"rewrite of insanity plea" Tatum Sommers was a girl who was known for making reckless choices. Ones that often landed her in more trouble than she would bargain for. But after leaving Mystic Falls, she had learned to hold herself together. At least that was until she met Klaus Mikaelson, who was the first reckless mistake she had made in a long time.And before she knew it, she was simply chasing chaos.-started: 02/27/2021-finished: TBD
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"Before he met her he was nothing but a cold heart" [BOOK ONE OF ARIA CONNOR SERIES][THE VAMPIRE DIARIES SEASON 1 - ?] STARTED: 8th AUGUST 2020FINISHED: TBA [Damon Salvatore x OC]Updates are every Monday and Thursday!cover by @norasnetflixHighest Ranking#1 in Bhatt (21st November 2020)#1 in Katherine (25th November 2020)#1 in Alia Bhatt (22nd April 2021)#1 in Forbes (16th December 2020)#1 in Elena Gilbert (19th December 2020)#1 in Mystic Fall (28th December 2020)#1 in Damon (26th June 2021)#1 in Alia (26th February 2021)#1 in The Vampire Diaries (14th April 2021)#1 in Salvatore (31st August 2021)#1 in Gilbert (8th October 2021)#1 in New Orleans (15th February 2022)#1 in Daria (20th June 2022)#1 in Katherine Pierce (15th August 2022)#1 in Enzo St. John (14th March 2023)#2 in Jeremy Gilbert (18th February 2022)#2 in Matt Donovan (14th May 2022)#2 in Klaus Mikaelson (21st October 2022)#3 in Stelena (30th April 2021)#4 in Pierce (13th May 2021)#5 in Caroline Forbes (5th December 2021)#8 in Tribrid (12th September 2022)#9 in Mikaelson (28th October 2021)#10 in Delena (19th November 2021)#10 in Tyler Lockwood (6th November 2022)#12 in Kol Mikaelson (9th April 2023)#14 in Stefan Salvatore (1st August 2021)#16 in TVD (3rd December 2021)#17 in Finn Mikaelson (17th January 2022)#19 in Damon Salvatore (6th April 2023)#45 in Elijah Mikaelson (30th September 2022)©Allrightsreserved ©ShanayaSalvatore™ ©2020
intricate design โœ“

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES 'Is this a bad time to mention that I'm not Elena?' Two vampires falling in love isn't exactly a functional norm in the world of Mystic Falls, and the relationship forged between Katherine Pierce and Florence Allen is a vital example of this notion. the vampire diaries. season one female oc x katherine pierce november 2013 - april 2015 pls don't read this xoxo
(1) The Phoenix (D. Salvatore)

When Daphne returns home to Mystic Falls after her final year at Hogwarts, finding it infested with vampires was not what she expected, let alone that her sister is in a relationship with one. Learning to readapt to the muggle world, keeping her magic a secret, and trying so very hard not to fall into the drama of Mystic Falls, follow Daphne as she struggles to balance all the pieces of her life. (TVD/HP Crossover )
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DISCONTINUED. THE REWRITTEN VERSION IS CALLED FICKLE GAME AND IT'S UP ON MY ACCOUNT. "Oh, and I'm sending your pretty face straight to hell." In which a blunt girl is thrown into the world of supernatural beings. Going through her teenage years were supposed to be simple. She was supposed to attend her boring high school, hang out with her boring friends, and live the rest of her boring life. She was never supposed to be exposed to the monsters that lurk in the shadows. Ronnie Tate is in for a surprise when the new kid has a dark secret that will be everyone's downfall.

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