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[Lego Monkie Kid Oneshots for my Friends]

Just a bunch of oneshots I made for my friends- these'll usually be oc x canon ships rather than canon x canon, but I might start to write some shadowpeaches, mixtea, inkypages, and goldenpeaches stuff. Keyword: might--Hope you enjoy nonetheless <3
The Guardian's Flame

Red Son is the heir to the Demon Bull family. A fact in which he takes great pride. But when a Mysterious girl appears, he learns he is no longer the master of his fate.
Sun Wukong & Macaque x Female reader oneshots & headcanons

I'm definitely VERY embarrassed and I know I'll go to hell for this, reading this stuff doesn't feel much of a sin but someone writing it??? and smut? That's the bravest person I ever know, wow. Never in my life have I managed to write a whole smut scene without being embarrassed and quitting asap. Oh, I'm probably rambling too much, ok, anyway I wouldn't say I'm a experienced writer, but I'm kind of average one, writing about 2k+ words (Depends on the plot, really), but I honestly think my writing sucks compared to others... sure there's a lot of words and shit but I'm kinda uncreative SO that's why you'll all be requesting and I'll write. the perfect idea ever.Not sure if needed but TW;Most stories do contain cussing, and if there's anything more I'll always put a TW before the chapter begins (But I won't put a TW for cussing)
Sweets [A Red Son x Reader Story]

You meet a rather weird person entering your bakery. After starting meeting him you notice him coming a lot more often. Maybe he liked desserts, or was it you? After all he didn't seemed to be a bad guy.The drawing on the cover was made by me
yandere Macaque x reader

"Hey princess, I haven't seen you around this town. Might I ask what your name is?" A shadowy figure appeared a dark shadowy figure to be exact. It formed into a man with a smirk across his face. A tight grip stopped her as Y/N's breath quickened. "Hey, it is considered rude to ignore someone" The man started as the grip tighten even more as if it was going to break off at any second. "I'm Y/N, I've actually been living in the city for three years now" She answered him as the grip loosen. The smirk then changed into a smile, "Hey can we chat over there? I just have a few questions" he pointed over a bench where the crowd had gone somewhere else. He places his arm around her neck resting on her other shoulder. He began moving forward and with invisible force she began moving as well. "Now com'on, I can't be doing everything" He and pieces. "Now, no one can bother us"
BABTQFTIM (All AUS) X Reader: One-Shots

Book is now in progress. Updates: Slow.Γ—Γ—Γ—Γ—I'm giving this a shot. Considering people love my Crush x Reader One-Shots.Γ—Γ—Γ—Γ—Highest Ranking:#1 in questfortheinkmachine#1 in questbendy#4 in babtqftimΓ—Γ—Γ—Γ—BABTQFTIM: Questers & Mickey's Traveling Circus Crew & Swapped Quest x ReaderI take requests.Γ—Γ—Γ—Γ—I own none of the characters, or you.Characters belong to their rightful owner.Cover: By meLovely Pictures: thebbrosEnjoy!

in which we trip out and read xreaders of lmk characters
Wilting (Macaque x Reader)

You're the shadow of a human named Urith, who is laying on their death bed. Patiently waiting to move onto their reincarnation, and take place as their shadow once more. Suddenly, a bunch of monkey shadow clones run past you, and enters the human world.. out of curiosity, you follow them, falling off a ledge and getting trapped in the human world, in a middle of a violent fight. (based off episode 9)⬑ SEASON ONE OF WILTING -----------MOST CHARACTERS ARE OWNED BY LEGO MONKIE KID-----------TW!!This story will include;> Gore> NSFW (No smut)>Death-----------Y/N INFOReader in this story goes by they/them, and would wear both masculine and feminine clothing depending on how they feelImagine yourself with a darker tint (since you're a shadow) with also a slight glow of purple coming from your eyes, the rest is up to you !-----------BOOK COVERI got the book cover from pinterest, if someone knows the artist please let me know !! I know that it's something like grinneor -----------OTHERSTRANGERS TO LOVERSSEASON ONE; COMPLETE SEASON TWO; IN MAKINGStory does include a LOT of spoilers, please finish the series before reading!Grammar mistakes will be corrected if pointed out or if I notice them, I also take criticism as this is my first book ever made.Last Updated - 3/19/23

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The Other Side - A Newt Fanfiction

{Book 1 of 3}(y/n) and Aris have been stuck at WICKED's facility for days on end, and the meals are beginning to drag on, now that the rest of Group B has either been taken to Janson's promised paradise or disappeared. Although WICKED has been supposedly taking care of them, Aris and (y/n) have their suspicions about this World in Catastrophe Killzone Experiment Department, and they are determined to get answers.Fortunately, a peculiar group of boys stumble into the cafeteria just as (y/n) begins to lose hope, carrying with them a particular atmosphere that seems trustworthy; however, one lean, blonde boy sticks out among the group to (y/n) so much so that it sends an itch through her brain. It is up to herself, Aris, and the kids of Group A to discover the truth of this facility that will result in a quest that is unimaginably arduous.They will have countless obstacles to overcome in the matter of months, but the question is this: who will survive?AN: I've decided to shake things up, so I'm going to shape and mold Wes Ball's film adaptations in this fan fiction, meaning I'll be aligning my story with the film plots (TST and TDC).Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to The Maze Runner series or any of James Dashner's and Wes Ball's work.History of Highest Rankings:#410 - fanfiction on 2018.05.11#5 - newt on 2021.05.10#1 - themazerunner on 2018.06.22

946.2K 40 28.9K Full
You Will Be The Death of Me ( Draco Malfoy Fanfiction) Part One

Leianna Sweary is just a ordinary witch whose mother decided for her that it was best she would attend Hogwarts. Upon arriving she immediately becomes friends with the trio Harry, Ron, and Hermione. However just as she thought things was going great she meets Draco Malfoy. She finds him nothing but arrogant and self centered. When he tries to make a move on her she immediately turns him down which angered him. Can she really enjoy Hogwarts with the schools biggest bully already angry with her? Not to mention have a meaningful relationship when someone is trying to rip it apart?

1.6M 55 26.6K Full
Light | TWD | Daryl Dixon Fanfiction

COMPLETED - || and still, none of them have felt like home; none of them have felt like you. ||highest rank:#1 The Walking Dead#1 Daryl Dixon #1 Zombies#1 Rick Grimes#1 Apocalypseslow burn //daryl x oc

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The Other Aunt (A Harry Potter fanfiction)

What if Lily Evans had another sister? What if that sister was a marauder and an animagus? What if she married Remus? And what if she found out Harry was alive when he was in second year and got him from the Dursleys and became a Professor at Hogwarts? *I do not own Harry Potter!* (WARNING: I will not be crossposting this on any other site. If you see this story posted on Quotev PLEASE report them. I've had a lot of problems with people plagiarizing my work.)

3.3M 32 96.6K Full
Revenge { BTS Fanfiction }

He smirks and looks into your eyes."Tell me Y/N would you possibly risk your life for us?" The fire in your eyes grow rapidly. "No."Hope you enjoy :) (☞ Ν‘ Ν‘Β° ͜ Κ– Ν‘ Ν‘Β°)☞@foreverarmy909

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Team Badass (A Naruto Fanfiction)

The name, Team 7 is too boring for the flamboyant group of friends, naruto, sasuke and sakura. Poor kakashi, he's going crazy because of his crazy students. Friendship fun ambition equals? Calculated chaos.--#6 in team7: 4/28/21#2 in alternativeuniverse: 6/5/21#5 in narutowattyawards: 10/14/21#1 in narutowattyawards: 9/12/22#1 in sasked: 9/27/22

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Icy Dreamer |PJM Fanfiction|

You look up at the scoreboard with fury in your eyes.Second place, again.Chest heaving and hands balled into fists, you look over to your left and grit your teeth.Jimin smirks at you with his perfect white teeth, hatred boiling in your blood the minute your eyes land on him, his voice smooth as silk when he speaks."Maybe next time."Best Ranking: πŸ† #1 in #fanfiction πŸ† #1 in #taehyung #1 in #Christianchimchim#1 in #Iceskating #1 in #Jimin #1 in #jin #1 in #parkjimin#1 in #jungkook #1 in #seokjin #1 in #chimchimJiminΓ—ReaderAll Credit for cover photo goes to BTS and Bighit Entertainment β™‘

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Spark- JATP Season 2 Fanfiction

(COMPLETED) Takes place after season 1 of Julie and the Phantoms. The boys can touch Julie now, but what happens next? Will they find a way to help Nick? *Note* This is my idea of what might happen in the show, I am not predicting or spoiling season 2 in any way, whenever it comes out (if it comes out... KENNY ORTEGA PLEASE CONFIRM SEASON 2!!!!). Enjoy!DISCLAIMER- I do not own Julie and The Phantoms.

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LokixReader // Avengers fanfiction

COMPLETE:Loki was taken back to Asgard and as his punishment, he now has to work for the Avengers and clean up his mess. He is under Thor's watchful eye while he is staying in the Stark Tower with everyone else. No one trusts him. No one even likes him. But what about you?

955.3K 25 32.6K Full

"Let's see who's the best.""Fine, we'll give each other dares to see who's braver and better. The one who doesn't complete a dare, loses points.""Can't believe I'm saying this, but...okay.""Me first. I dare you to" ... ______________________________________________________________________________What will this new story hold? "Dare"Sounds pretty intense hm? (Not really ._.) T.TOh well...Enjoy!

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