Living With The Giants

Living With The Giants

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Tess is exactly like every other teenage girl

Yet this human didn't live where you'd expect, actually an entire other world all together. Earth having died hundreds of years ago In a time when humanity lost all hope, destroying the place they called home. In the great escape for survival, the human race found refuge upon another planet

A world ruled by giants. Monstrous in size but kind in nature, with the odd few who have found a hatred for the humans, considered to some more like a pest that has infested their world.

They aren't like the giants in fairy tales your parents have read to you when you were younger. They are just like us! Teenagers, fathers, mothers and children. Working and learning within a society of larger proportions


Tessa's mum happens to fall in love with one of the giant men living there. Brian Taylor

On a journey from the human quarters to the giant quarters, it's going to be a scary and new experience for Tess, especially since she's never met a giant before and now has found herself in the predicament of not only living with one but two! Austin and Brian Taylor.

Austin being the incredibly handsome son of Brian but also an incredibly big jerk. A new home, a new school, new friends and maybe even new love?

Read more to find out!!

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