Living With My Bully

Living With My Bully

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Category: Teen Fiction
(Original Version, New Version in Progress that I suggest waiting for if you'd like)
"I'm sorry for your loss." I hear and look over to see Oliver, "I've been in a similar situation, I may not have lost someone this way, but I definitely did lose someone. My family and I will be here for you and will help you get through this." He says biting his lip.

I smile a bit. "Thank you Oliver, hearing you say that really means a lot to me." I tell him.

I can barely see Oliver look back through my tear-filled eyes but then I feel two arms wrap around me.


Meet Iris Mitchell, she's known as the nerd in school with her best friend, Kayla. Iris is also extremely stubborn and doesn't know when to shut her mouth. She also likes to watch Netflix 25/8 with Kayla. But in school, Iris is bullied by Addison Meyer and the one and only, Oliver Sullivan.

Meet Oliver Sullivan, he's known as the bad boy in school but also the bully of many students in the school, and Iris is one of them. All the girls want him, except Iris and Kayla, they fantasize about famous actors and fictional characters. Oliver is mostly found hanging out with his friends Adam, Lucas, and Ross. But outside of school, Oliver is an extremely different person and no one knows.

Well until Iris moves in with him, of course. Iris' father, Christopher Mitchell, dies in a fire, at his job, saving people on the top floors. With no mother or relatives to go live with, Iris needs to move in with a family, and her dad knew the Sullivan family pretty well.

What's going to happen when Iris moves in with her bully? Read to find out!

7-9-19//#18 in bully
8-3-20//#4 in teenfiction

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Based on moments.

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