Listen To My Stupid Heart ♡

Listen To My Stupid Heart ♡

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"Arini, I have told you this for hundred times and I'm telling you again. I don't love you, will never love you and will never marry you. I have so many things to do in my life except this love. So please stop following me. "

" Wait wait.... Hmm I have started the recorder. Please start the speech again, I'll record it this time and then I'll play this audio on our suhaag raat. "

Shrey mentally face-palmed himself and shouted, " Someone save me from this stupid girllllll... "

Arini, a bubbly and chirpy girl, whose life starts & ends with her one and only crush, Shrey. She was enough desperate to scream to the whole world about her feelings for him. Even Shrey knew about her craziness but for Shrey, Arini was no one but a stupid girl. He has always told her to grow up, told her to understand the reality, told her that there was not even 0.2% chances of being together as there were so many differences. Shrey has always seen how different their lives were.

But without knowing, Shrey has already given a place to that stupid girl in his heart which no one can take ❤

But still he is unable to love her.

Or unable to gulp the fact that he too loves her!

Wanna know their story? Then join me in their journey ;)

Pt 1 of this book: When You Happened

Starting date : 29/07/22
Finishing date: 13/01/24

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- Last updated at 05:18 28-02-2024

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