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When a laid back and rudely gorgeous city girl comes for her farmer's market crown, Sabina's dream of joining the family honey business is threatened - and her heart may just get stung too.


Now that she's graduated high school, Sabina is ready to join her family's honey business, but her parents are convinced that there's no future for her in her small town. They're set on sending her to university, which she knows will be less fun than getting swarmed by angry bees. To prove that her place is on the honey farm, Sabina plans to impress her parents by winning the Best Vendor prize at the summer farmer's market.

Her quest for the sweet prize gets sticky when a pretty city girl steals her table at the market and doesn't even feel bad about it. Mel's family has been the enemy of Sabina's for generations, and now this otherwise easygoing girl seems determined to continue the feud by beating Sabina to the Best Vendor prize. The competition would be no problem for Sabina... if Mel wasn't also gorgeous and maybe even a little funny.

Sabina didn't plan for feelings, and if she gives in to the temptation she may lose her honey farm dreams. But Mel's love might be the one thing sweeter than honey, if she can avoid the sting.

Complete at 82k words.

*featured on Wattpad's Cottagecore Cute and A Latte Love reading lists*

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