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People Say Life is a Circle and it sure is. But never take your life for Granted. Life teaches you a Life Long Lesson and it is you how you convert your each mistake into learnings. It is said always try hard and ultimately something fruitful will happen.

The famous dialogue HUM EK BAAR JEETE HAI EK BAAR MARTE HAI and PYAAR BHI EK BAAR HOTA HAI (We live once in our life, we die once in our life and we love also once in our life) but loving once is it true? Didn't Ravinder Singh say CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE? Do you guys believe ? Too many questions :P . Come try to find love and some hardships in my book. Where there would be life lessons and also some hardships.

This book also will have some contents that is pertaining to LGBT Community and it is not to hurt their sentiments. It is to highlight the issues that they face in India. The main lead would be a normal couple

To know more and also about the characters peep inside. Love you guys its been long since i have written. Please do support me

Note: This book is purely fictional and I own the rights. If the matter of the books match any other books then it is purely coincidental and the same was not meant to happen.

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