Let's make music

Let's make music

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My One and Only | COMPLETED

"Everyone knew she was his." ~ Ava and Lucas have been best friends since Lucas saw Ava at the playground when she was 4 years old. She is innocent and shy where as Lucas is more intimidating to everyone other than Ava. Despite this, they do everything together. Where ever one went, the other followed. Never going more than a day without seeing each other, it's safe to say they were inseparable. Now at 16, Ava is forced to spend a year in public school after being homeschooled all her life. How is Lucas going to react with all the new people she is going to meet, especially being so possessive over Ava. However, even though they are best friends, Lucas is keeping a secret from Ava. A big one. Lucas is a werewolf. And Ava is his mate. ~ [SAMPLE - FULL VERSION AVAILABLE ON GOODNOVEL]
aizen Male reader x hotel Transylvania

Story of strong soul reaper in hotel Transylvania
Transmigrated to a Period Novel as the Genius Antagonist's Birth Mother

Medical student Luo Chu Xia transmigrated into the deceased biological mother of the genius villain.In the book [Era of Godly Merchants], the male protagonist and the villain fought until the last chapter, while she, unfortunately, only has four words in her storyline: she died of illness.Chu Xia: Dying immediately after transmigration?That won't do.Right now, the villain is still a little bean sprout, and the male protagonist from next door has just been weaned.And she, with the subsidy just remitted from her husband, who's engaged in scientific research in the Northwest, can buy whatever she wants.Oh my, she loves this life!Isn't this just a matter of taking good care of your health and raising your cub? She's familiar with this!Cen Huai'an has known since he could remember that his mother is unreliable. Whenever grandmother cried, she would give all the money in the house. Even if he begged her because he was starving, she would only hug him and cry, asking him to endure.After being disappointed again and again, he learned to snatch his own food like a wolf cub.But then he realized that his mother was getting "worse".Not only did she make him wash the dishes and sweep the floor, but she also forced him to memorize and write, and if he couldn't do it, she wouldn't give him any meat.For the sake of meat, he decided to "bear the humiliation".Of course, if his mother lets him drink one more orange soda, then he could recite one more poem.The researchers at the Northwest Space Research Base all know that Mr. Cen has a spoiled wife who asks for money or things whenever she calls.穿成年代文天才反派亲妈 By: 木梓潼 Not My StoryEdited MTLFor Offline Reading
A Little Bit of Sunshine (MxM)|√

Xander is your typical business man. A boring one with little to no excitement in his life. One rainy day after work he happens to stumble upon a little girl on his front porch. Just how much will this change his boring life?
The Alpha's Contract Luna

Blurb:Out of all the women in the land of Taplean, the King chose Alexia Reed to be the wife of a ruthless Alpha, Kieran Stone. The union was forced upon them and it angered Alpha Kieran. He made it a point to show Alexia his hate.When Alexia met the formidable Alpha, he spitefully said, "I am under no obligation to treat you as my wife!""I will never mark you!""You will not sit with me, eat with me, nor share the air I breathe.""Lastly, I will never love you and bed you at night!"***As time passed, one day, Alpha Kieran amended the terms of their contract. He said to Alexia, "I realize how I was unfair to you.""You can now sit with me, eat with me and share the same space with me.""Lastly, as you see fit, I can... make love to you."
Age Regression Short Story

Short story about age regression

Continuation of REBIRTH OF THE REVENGE QUEENTo continue reading other parts: https://www.wattpad.com/list/980150529?utm_source=android&utm_medium=link&utm_content=share_reading_list&wp_page=reading_list_details&wp_uname=queen16daisy&wp_originator=BaVbXwf%2FJaahtmayzuvRxj7yiCi29KykATK7SKKSI%2BN1ovGe%2F8wkt6l1rnjOnPg%2B%2FhmaShx33tYZ6SLnk028uijgc09ROjxqS7a0FGagDKHAWvDcR8dIKtgwWNXJYXTy

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Transformers and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

When Twilight's crown is stolen from the Crystal Empire, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Autobot Bumblebee pursue the thieves, Sunset Shimmer and Lockdown, into an alternate world, where they find themselves turned into... a boy and girl! To get home to Equestria, Twilight and Bumblebee must defeat Sunset Shimmer and Lockdown and be crowned Prince and Princess of the Fall Formal at Canterlot High. Luckily, they have the help of five girls and boys who remind them of a certain group of ponies and robots back in Equestria...

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PLL imagines

Imagines and preferences about the boys of Pretty Little Liars. Includes Toby, Mike, Noel, Caleb, Ezra and Jason.I do not own any of the characters of Pretty Little Liars.Rights reserved to Sarah Shepard and Marlene King.WARNING: Very shitty content !!!

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The Ultimate Play (BWWM)

Original Story (there's also a rewrite of this story) ----Horrible secrets and tragic pasts,she was the smart girl in the back of class. Witty comments and silent thoughts,two people who's lives fell in fault. Quiet sobs and nightly hugs,neither really gave a fuck.Meaningful words and days of fun,the ultimate love. story: copyright two-thousand fourteen (unedited)adrianna motonpoem: copyright two-thousand fifteen adrianna moton

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Después | Oscar Diaz

Is it better or worse that things stayed the same?Sequel to "Antes."

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Glee- Season 7- Episode 11:

The Glee club competes at Regionals with Kitty's future and the future of the Glee club on the line; They go with the theme of "Being Yourself"; Also, one member suffers another health scare, one more serious that the last one that they suffered, and one that will lead to a life-altering announcement.

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Дьявольские возлюбленные №1 [В ПРОЦЕССЕ]

И так, друзья, хэлоу! Мне стало интересно, а какого это, написать рассказ о истории, котора уже существует? В общем, я тут подумала и решила. Решила передать вам переживания героини Юи не только через сам сериал, а через книгу! Конечно, хочу немного приукрасить, добавить щепотку пошлости, а может и не щепотку. О.оНо в любом случае, читайте, и наслаждайтесь!

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The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

This book is written by Marie Harmony Delrose and is based on the true and chilling story of Anneliese Michel. It contains evidence such as 1 Audio tape of all the demons and a picture from the exorcism. You may read this book on your own but I suggest you listen to the audio recording with a parent, trusted friend, or guardian.

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His Sister (Hakuouki Fan Fic)

Kazama Aika is Kazama Chikage's little sister but what happens when she has no idea exactly what she is and is taken by the Shinsengumi?

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Once loved always loved

This story is about enemy's to lovers yet ist not what you think. No one hates anyone it's about jealousy, betrayal and more. Enjoy this read and have a great day or night. (Yes it has a good ending!<3)

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Llws love story(A Jaden Henline fanfic)

It's that time of the year again, the little league World Series is just around the corner. Grace's softball team just won the regionals for her home state, Pennsylvania, so they are heading to Williamsport. But another baseball team from Pennsylvania is there too, will they get along or will everything end in tears?Published: September 7th, 2015 Note that I only own the story plot and the Whitesbrooke Warriors, I do not own the LLWS or the Red Land baseball team

17.3K 12 123