Let It Be Me (Triplets book 1)

Let It Be Me (Triplets book 1)

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Category: Romance
Ophelia Carter has been working for the famous Richards family for almost four years. In that time they have begun to trust her and treat her as one of them. She loves her job and the family, which is why she keeps her love for the eldest son, Sullivan Richards, a secret. Sullivan isn't exactly hostile towards her, but it's evident that he finds her mildly annoying, which has dashed any hopes Ophelia has that he might one day return her love. When the entire family goes on location to shoot Sullivan's latest movie, Ophelia joins them, and she is distressed to learn that the location is her hometown of Oak Island, Georgia. There, Ophelia's carefully crafted facade starts to crack as old ghosts that she would rather keep hidden are cruelly exposed. Will the Richards family stand with her? Will Sullivan prove to be the man she knows he is and help her slay her demons?

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