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#PartyBoss isn't a term Tulip Carpenter coined herself but she wears it with pride. Her life is a party, she's doing what she loves, creating mindblowing celebrations for the happiest moments in people's lives. But when the baby she put up for adoption boomerangs back into her life the party stops. How will the free-spirited, swearing maven, one-night stand queen manage motherhood and all the duties it brings?

This Southern Rebel is about to face the test of her life.

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Blythe, an independent girl with wild dreams, pretty face, raging intelligence and a carefree attitude to her life has fallen for her bestfreind Alexis. Typical nerd. Alexis on the other hand is reserved, but has a charm that enthralls every girl. A handsome hunk and a cliche football captain cant sustain into a relationship for longer than his heartbreak . Typical popular. But make a note, never has he ever shown his true self to anyone except the most important girl in his life, Blythe. But what happens when someone else is conspiring to take her place in his life? Will the friendship last? Will the two of them who claim that they wouldn't survive without each other through it or get lost somewhere along the line? Will it all begin from scratch, or rubble will reconcile or will they be strong as ever? Highest ranking# 17 on whats hot (chicklit)# 15 in chicklit# 57 in teen fictionMake a note, both of them have a hard hitting past and troubling present. please ignore the grammatical mistakes. I was 13 when I wrote this .COMPLETED- 2 DECEMBER 2017PS.this is my first book so please read it! And also this will from blythe ' s pov.
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Beware of Devin Easton Black, known to some as the shadowy Mafia boss. Everywhere he goes, darkness follows, and happiness seems a distant memory in his wake.In stark contrast, Kyara Rose Heartson is a beacon of joy, effortlessly spreading cheer wherever she goes. Her love for ballet has earned her a legion of admirers.But when the menacing gaze of Devin Easton Black falls upon the bubbly Kyara, what dangers will she face in the clutches of this notorious Mafia figure?Highest rank #2 in LycanEdited by MHIAM Team - @Orange_Neon - @httpmoose1976Cover made by :@Navya

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