Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

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Category: Romance
If the loss of her closest bestfriend wasn't enough she had to go and lose her family by a single phone call too , at the hand of the biggest, meanest and most feared man known to anyone. Poor Alice never saw any of this coming when she started off in a quaint little coffee shop in town.

He wore his leather jacket like the blood of his victims, realed her in with his good looks and charm only for her to fall for her inevitable fate anyway . Doomed to a life with him. A life far worse than anyone would ever imagine wanting. No one could love a monster. No one was that desperate or stupid except her. She was his long before she even knew it ...

"You're going to Love me " - Marco Romano

*Started 28 May 2019 *
*Finished 16 November 2020*
*Edited 25 November 2020*

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