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~Highest rank: #1 in mlb ~

(A/N: Please don't read this story if you're under 15, there is some content I'm not comfortable with younger audiences viewing. Thank you in advance! Also the characters are all 16-17 and this takes place after a much more drawn out version for season 1-3)

(A/N 2: this started as a Luka x reader, so Adrien doesn't become a major character until much later in the story and is much more slow burn than the insta-love of (Y/N) and Luka)

After Luka's painful pining experience over Marinette Dupain-Chang, he pretty much gives up on romance and priortizes being there for the ones he loves and putting their needs above his own. He begins to attract attention as the band Kitty Section picks up some major traction, leading him to feel the need to repress any hurt he's feeling himself.

As this happens, (Y/N) transfers into Marinette's class upon being adopted by their uncle due to the sudden death of their parents. (Y/N) is still moving on and dealing with the repercussions of their mother and father's passing when Juleka introduces (Y/N) to Luka at their band rehearsal. They form a strong bond and become fast friends- and quickly become something more.

Adrien was a good boyfriend. He listened to what Marinette said about Luka and tried to keep his distance. after a series of unfortunate events, he finds himself single and gets a second chance from (Y/N), much to Luka's dismay. What happens when this certain blond is thrown into the mix?

Credit for the magnificent art used on the cover goes to @B4ts13_Wr1tes here on wattpad (they so generously offered to do the cover so show them some love <3)

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