Kisses and Other Necessities

Kisses and Other Necessities

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Detention Boys

"Alec, you're drunk and confused. You don't want this," he said, but didn't try to move away. I could feel his breath on my lips, only a few inches separating our bodies. I looked up at him, the dim lighting making his eyes the deepest midnight blue, and he was staring down at me."I don't know what I want."Then I leaned in and kissed him.Cover by @uselessauthor I am currently editing and publishing this story under a new name, The Detention Slip. This can be found on my profile too. Feel free to read both versions though and let me know what you think! #1 in LGBT 03/05/2020Hope you enjoy! ALSO THIS STORY IS SET IN THE UK
Dilmur (Life of Nora and Her Daddy)

နိုရာ နဲ့နိုရာ့ဖေဖေအခီဖီတို့ကြားက ဖြစ်ရပ်မှန်storyလေးကို Sci fi ပုံစံမျိုးနဲ့ စိတ်ကူးယဥ် Dilmur မြို့ကြီးပေါ်မှာအခြေတည်ပြီး Adventure ပုံစံမျိုးဖတ်ရှုခံစားရမှာပါ Nora.......Part 3, 4, 5 ကိုနောက်မှပဲတင်ပေးတော့မယ်နိုရာရေးလက်စမို့ပါ
The 40 rules of Love

Engraved in this book are the forty rules of the religion of love, made by Shams of TambrizDisclaimer: I do not owe anything described in the book
Jaune the Iron Hero -  My Hero Academia

It was a Typical Day in Dust Studies Class until Miss Know it All Schnee decides to make a new Dust Mix that caused an Explosion, good thing the blast radius was small but Jaune being the nice kid that he is saved Weiss from being blown up.... But it wasn't a normal explosion as he was sent into another worldAnd what would he do if this New World was filled with Heroes?My Hero Academia is owned by HorikoshiRWBY is owned by WarnerIron Man is owned by Marvel
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Red String

A novice cupid needs to help a girl and a ghost fulfil their romantic destiny after he mistakenly ties one end of the red string to the wrong boy. *****What happens when your soulmate dies before you've even met him? The bookish Gemma Yang gets her shot at finding true love when novice faerie Jun is assigned to her case by the God of Marriage. All Jun has to do is one simple thing - tie the invisible red string of fate to the wrist of Gemma and her designated soulmate, the popular Hayden Chung, and let destiny work its magic. However, in a case of mistaken identity, he bungles things up by tying the string to the geeky Takahashi Ryu instead. To make matters worse, Ryu ends up being knocked down by a reckless driver outside the university campus minutes later - and dies. With this massive hot potato in his hands, Jun embarks on a mission to cover up for his mistake and return things to the way they should be - but things rarely go as planned, or do they?Content warning: This story contains mild violence (fight scenes)Cover designed by Ilafi Nastiti
Remnant is Ultraman's World

How will Remnant react when the manifestation of the Earth and Sea come and fight to protect the people and the world from Grimm and others looking to harm them?RWBY x Ultraman GaiaThis is my first book and well, I just wanted to see how well I've done with it, plus I've just had a bunch of ideas for books in my head for a while so may as well write down at least one and see how well it goes ya know? Onto the book now!
LGBTQ+: Labels and more

Hey guys, gals and non-binary pals! This book filled with labels, their definitions, as well as things and art themed around them like aesthetics and pride flag arts (i own nothing, of course. Credit to the amazing artists)! I will also be including one of their awareness/visibility days or week. This book's main purpose is to be educational, not hateful or anything of the sort. I am going into everything with an open, accepting mind. REQUESTS ARE VERY WELCOME!Feel free to reach out if you need help figuring out your own identity. I'll try my best to help you ^•^ my pms, comments, and mb are open

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Archon Reborn | Slices of Life

Basically the story where I put all my Omakes from the main book in this one, also might include some M E M E S (DNA OF THE SO-) and maybe even some artworks from other people or my own.

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Harrison Potter - or also known as Black Knight - never knew what was coming.Harrison Potter had a normal life - or according to him, he had. Being a spy, going out for missions and trying to remain all calm in the face of danger too.During one of his many missions, he had to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to find a rare artifact to stop an evil wizard who also happened to have an obsession to kill him.His all plans flew out of the window as one Lyra Forger came into his life, who was the daughter of his teammate - Twilight.Watch him as he tries to complete his mission and not be caught at the same time.

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What is the meaning of life for a teenager it's like a clock school,home,hanging out with friends,it's an never ending cycle,welcome to my life in the form of a book laugh with me call me stupid get angry with me but enjoy it if u don't then feel free to express your emotion in the comment section I'll be reading all of them so I guess you could say your special to me cuz your critique means a lot to me gonna change the description I just have to come up with a better one.? sorry in advance about that.

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-تسائلت..هل وقعت بحبة؟..أظن هذا.. "أنا أحبة فقط.."لذلك أرغب بالنظر لعينِية الشبيهة بخسوف القمر حين يتحول لونة للون الأحمر"..لقد أخبرتة..لقد فعلتُها؟..وقام بـ..__________________________________"الرواية كاتسو ديكو"."ياوي يعني ولد يحب ولد"." سبق لي وحذرت ".

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Things won't change in the world of ours; predators won't stop eating, Borrowers won't stop hiding and Humans won't stop buying. Not everything is perfect, and to call life unfair is unjust. But... there has been stories of peaceful, or yet even better...romantic relationships between them....

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Anatomie și Fiziologie Umană, Genetică și Ecologie Umană

↠ Programa de examen pentru disciplina Biologie.↠ În cadrul examenului de bacalaureat, biologia are statutul de disciplină opţională, fiind susţinută la proba E.d) în funcţie de filieră, profil şi specializare. Proba de examen este scrisă.↠ Dacă alegi „Anatomie și Fiziologie Umană, Genetică și Ecologie Umană", trebuie să știi că programa specifică acestei probe constă în materia studiată la liceu, Biologie, în clasa a XI-a și clasa a XII-a.

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Tobi x Reader! (DISCONTINUED)

Your a very powerful ninja, the Akatsuki had been looking for you when you just had to have bumped into one of them in your village. They take you with them and we're forced to join... what happens next? You'll just have to find out..This is my first story so please no hate!{NARUTO OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS IS NOT OWNED BY ME!}

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Action Pack: The Assistant of Von Taker

An AU where Wren works for Teddy Von Taker. Teddy is a lonely and depressive child so his parents give him a friend, but the robot bears seem to be a bit futile since they cannot talk. His parents then find another lonely and depressive child like Teddy, and managed to get Teddy a friend with that child.But then Teddy goes corrupt as he is in the show(that's a joke for politics but the Von Takers feel more like economy people so yeah) and bosses his new friend around, doing his dirty work to keep his image clean since his family is a nice and GIVING family unlike him.

81 1 1 Full

⭐시알리스파는곳『ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45』비아그라구매◈️뿌리는남자정력제퀵구입❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#한방비아그라효능,#발기부전영양제직거래,#발기부전영양제당일배송⭐시알리스파는곳『ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45비아그라구매◈️비아그라복제약처방전없이구매❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#마시는비아그라효능,#레비트라퀵구입,#구구정처방전필요없는,#필름형비아그라당일구입,#남성발기제품온라인약국,#비아그라퀵배송,#조루방지제품처방없이구매,#vinix퀵가격,#정품비아그라당일수령,#발기약판매처,#조루치료제퀵,⭐시알리스파는곳『ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45』비아그라구매◈️정품비아그라처방없이구매❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#​골드비아그라처방전없이구매,#필름형시알리스복용법,#킹통효과,#센트립복제약가격,#남자강직도영양제퀵배송가격,#비닉스퀵,#아이코스효과,#조루방지제품복용법,#칙칙이구입후기,#팔팔정구매,#필름형시알리스효능,⭐시알리스파는곳[ØIØ↔75Ø4↔6Ø45]비아그라구매◈️팔팔정가격❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#천연시알리스처방전없이구입,#먹는시알리스사용법,#캡슐비아그라구매방법,#남성정력제퀵배송가격,#액상형시알리스당일배송,#필름형비아그라당일배송,#롱타임크림퀵배송,#천연시알리스사용법,#남성성기단련기구효능,#프로코밀퀵가격,#강직도영양제구입⭐시알리스파는곳『010↔7504↔6Ø45』비아그라구매◈️a 발기부전 치료제 구매,비뇨기과 비아그라,비아그라약국처방전,핀페시아,카마그라,카마그라 직구,센포스,비달리스타,독일정품프로코밀 후기,시알리스 처방,정품비아그라 성분,발기부전증상,발기부전

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